Video Games & Computer Entertainment, October 1992 Issue

Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine - October 1992

For tonight’s museum post, we have the October 1992 issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment.

This is the final magazine scan that will appear on this website in the foreseeable future. After my most recent scan (amazingly, back in May), I started getting busy with unloading more of my things, and finally starting to use eBay for selling. Almost two months later, I’ve sold off my Sega Genesis and its last remaining games and accessories (including my Sega CD), all Super-Nintendo-related things (including the actual console), and a large number of previously untouchable Sega Master System games. Because this was the last magazine from my childhood collection, I kept putting off the scan, but now it’s finally done.

I had saved this magazine for last because it was the one in the best condition, a special collector’s edition featuring a hologram on the cover that came in an envelope. None of the other issues I received came in an envelope, and many of them arrived in bad shape as a result. Sadly, because our scanner is so old, I was unable to do justice to the quality of the magazine. Many of the pages have the vertical lines that I’ve mentioned in previous scans. I tried to eliminate the most egregious ones, but the scanner is on its last legs and no longer produces clean scans, no matter how many times I retry.

But just as well. It’s been many months since I’ve started digitally archiving my magazines, and even more months since I started throwing away all my old things. The finish line is finally in sight. My mind is a jumble of nostalgic thoughts, bittersweet memories, and excitement for the future. When I started this post, I wanted to write a bunch of stuff, but I can’t seem to focus, so I’ll save it for another day. As always, I hope you’ll enjoy this museum post, and thank you for being a part of the process.

Video Games & Computer Entertainment, October 1992 (PDF, 190 MB)

Update 7-20-17: after reviewing the PDF last night I found that pages 47 and 48 seemed to have been moved to page 53. I don’t know if that was an error on my part or the publisher’s, but it has been corrected.

Bonus photos:

VG&CE October 1992 Issue Envelope

Magazine came in this envelope, from “H.M., Inc.” – short for Hustler Magazine?

Video Games & Computer Entertainment, October 1992 Hologram Cover

Hologram with original colors

Video Games & Computer Entertainment, October 1992 Hologram Cover

Hologram at different angle, was the Super Sonic color intentional or accidental?

Video Games & Computer Entertainment, November 1990 Issue

Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine - November 1990

This post originally completed on May 21, 2017 at 11:43 PM

This final magazine scan of the day is the November 1990 issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment.

Coming in at 228 pages, this was one huge issue (I don’t think any of the previous scans even broke 200). Because of its size, glue was used to bind the magazine instead of the usual staples found in all the other VG&CEs that I’ve done. And because it was so large, I couldn’t use kitchen shears to unbind it like I did with Game Player’s. No, I had to use JC’s hairdryer, which worked for the first 150 pages or so. After that, I saw a green flash, and JC’s dryer that she bought when we first moved to Hong Kong ended its life (correction: it was just a fail-safe, it came back to life later). For the final pages, I reverted to the kitchen shears, which worked well.

I don’t remember how I came about this issue, but apparently I am at least the third owner. In its pages were markings from the previous owners and also their names written on the subscription forms (now blanked out). I only recognized one of them, a sleazy guy that used to pick on me all the time. He, along with another guy who was supposed to be my friend, would make prank calls to my home, making strange noises and racist Chinese sounds, scaring my family (as I’ve mentioned before, we were relatively sheltered, coming from our particular demographic in Hong Kong). In the end, we changed our phone number, I graduated middle school and went to a prestigious high school, and I never heard from those kids again. It is interesting and sad that I still remember this. I hope that in my own life, I haven’t done too many bad things that people still remember me for after almost 30 years.

Possibly why the magazine is so large is that there’s an entire section of the magazine dedicated to the Sega Genesis, inside of which is a detailed guide to Populous, one of my favorite games of all time. It wasn’t quite Christmas yet but perhaps Sega wanted a big push for the 1990 holiday season. Genesis was definitely hitting its stride, having just finished its first year on the market. Those were fun times indeed.

Video Games & Computer Entertainment, November 1990 (PDF, 324 MB)

Video Games, May 1994 Issue

Video Games Magazine - May 1994

This post originally completed on May 7, 2017 at 1:47 AM

Tonight’s scan of the May 1994 issue of Video Games is somewhat momentous: this is the last magazine in the “easy” stack that I had set aside a couple of months ago, the staple-bound volumes that could be easily taken apart for scanning. Fortunately, the bulk of the scanning was with these issues. Most of my glued, non-stapled magazines comprised of Electronic Gaming Monthly, the majority of which were already scanned by others and made available online.

Now, the few issues I have left are special issues (like the October 1992 Sonic 2 Hologram Video Games & Computer Entertainment), or the few glue-bound magazines that I couldn’t find copies of online. As I mentioned in one of this week’s posts, I’m getting tired of doing all this, and getting tired of still being stuck in the past (or, at least, still having so many things from the past taking up space). I’m eager to move forward, which means that I’ll probably be taking apart and scanning the holographic issue. For the glued ones, maybe I’ll use some kitchen shears to cut them for the sheet-feeder.

But first, back to this issue. Highlights for me include a response from editor Chris Gore to an opportunistic politician’s posturing on video game violence (talk about getting owned), an interesting editorial regarding backwards compatibility (which we now know is not a priority for console manufacturers), and a couple of highly-rated Sega CD games. About 75% of the magazine needed to be re-scanned, and it got so frustrating that I decided to stop and come back the next day (I usually do everything in one sitting). Seems somewhat appropriate for this scanning milestone, a final slap in the face before it’s all said and done. In the end, I hope it’s all worth it, and that people will enjoy these pieces of video game history. Thanks for reading!

Video Games, May 1994 (PDF, 154 MB)

Video Games, April 1994 Issue

Video Games Magazine - April 1994

This post originally completed on May 5, 2017 at 10:38 PM

On this Friday evening we have the April 1994 issue of Video Games. There’s some nice coverage on Mortal Kombat II, with an introduction to the actors that play the characters. The only other games I noticed were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters for the SNES, and Sonic 3 for the Sega Genesis. Not much else to say about this issue other than what I always say: hope you enjoy this museum post.

Video Games, April 1994 (PDF, 153 MB)

Video Games, March 1994 Issue

Video Games Magazine - March 1994

This post originally completed on May 4, 2017 at 12:42 PM

An early post today since I’ve been lazy with scanning. I’m getting very close to the end of my rope with all this “preserving”. It’s been many months since I’ve decided to throw out my old things in an effort to let go of the past, and it feels like I’m not actually letting go of the past if I’m still saving everything, albeit in digital form. That said, I try to post and scan only magazines that I haven’t seen available online, as a way to give back to the internet for providing me with all the other scans. And now, here is the March 1994 issue of Video Games.

This is another damaged copy, with the centerfold pages 46 to 51 missing. The staples looked pretty clean so I wonder if the page just fell out, or if it was never there in the first place. I’ve noticed a number of pull-out posters in recent issues, so it’s also possible that I pulled out the poster and don’t remember doing it. For this issue, I was less stringent with re-scanning, doing so only for the most egregious of visual artifacts. Going back and looking at some of my previous scans, I find that as much as I had thought I paid attention, there are still quite a few vertical lines on various pages. If they’re going to be there anyway, then I’m not going to try so hard. Also, as I’ve previously mentioned, Video Games isn’t exactly my favorite magazine, so I’m fine with it having some blemishes.

In this issue we have coverage on infuriating political spin on how video games cause violence. The less I say about that, the better I feel. Hope you enjoy the rest of the magazine.

Video Games, March 1994 (PDF, 147 MB)

Video Games, January 1994 Issue

Video Games Magazine - January 1994

This post originally completed on May 1, 2017 at 7:25 PM

This second magazine post of the day is the January 1994 issue of Video Games.

In this issue, the former Video Games & Computer Entertainment officially abandons computer games, opting to launch a separate Computer Player magazine instead. The sellout was complete. I don’t think I ever saw Computer Player on the newsstand even once. If you read the letter from the executive editor, you’ll find that it’s possible to spin anything in this world.

Today is the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures reaching into the high 80s. I am hot, and so is the scanner. That will be all for magazine scans today.

Video Games, January 1994 (PDF, 158 MB)

Video Games, December 1993 Issue

Video Games Magazine - December 1993

This post originally completed on May 1, 2017 at 6:03 PM

On this Monday afternoon I bring to you the December 1993 issue of Video Games, formerly known as Video Games & Computer Entertainment.

As I reviewed the initial-scan PDF, I continued to feel that there was a coup d’état at VG&CE, with journalistic integrity taking a backseat to sensationalist content. At the time, there was already another magazine with this modus operandi called Electronic Gaming Monthly, and whomever was running the show at Video Games wanted to emulate them, badly. There is a noticeable increase in the number of exclamation marks in the magazine. There’s even a new editor called “Editor X”, a clear ripoff of EGM’s Sushi-X. Also, in this issue Clay Fighter appears on the front cover and receives a 10 out of 10 in its review. I remember playing this game when it first came out, and while it was good for a laugh, it did not come close to 10 out of 10. Genre-defining games get 10 out of 10. A parody of fighting games based on claymation models? No way this gets 10 out of 10, it had to be a sponsored review.

Pardon me while I catch my breath and calm down a little. I suppose none of this really matters 20-something-odd years later. Plenty of other things in history to get worked up about. Let’s just enjoy this little piece of gaming history.

Video Games, December 1993 (PDF, 178 MB)

Video Games, October 1993 Issue

Video Games Magazine - October 1993

Here’s another one of my arrived-damaged Video Games magazines with a pretty messed up cover (had to tape it back on back in the day) and the middle pages 47 to 50 missing. Coincidentally, the missing pages are the same ones missing in the scan from the preceding link. So sad.

Something else sad is that this is the last issue (and only the second one) of Video Games that has a “Formerly Video Games & Computer Entertainment” caption on the cover. It’s also the first issue that features the new review format. At the same time, there are still some pages that retain VG&CE formatting, resulting in a strange hybrid-magazine. I suppose that’s how it is when there’s any sort of transition – things happen gradually.

They say that if you have nothing nice to say, that it’s better to keep your mouth shut. I think I’d better shut up now.

Video Games, October 1993 (PDF, 147 MB)

Video Games, September 1993 Issue

Video Games Magazine - September 1993

Here’s the first ever issue of Video Games magazine (September 1993), abruptly changed from the final Video Games & Computer Entertainment from August.

In a previous post I had wondered whether Andy Eddy was still editor of this September 1993 issue, and whether he addressed his departure with readers. The answers to both questions are no, and it seems strange that a long-time editor would leave a publication without any explanation (or maybe that’s normal?). Interestingly, Andy Eddy did write the Arcade Watch column on page 70. Maybe he wrote it before leaving the magazine.

In terms of content, the thing that stood out to me is the SNES Street Fighter II Turbo review. This game pretty much received rave reviews from all the magazines, and it stands out to me because this is before people became fatigued with Capcom’s tendency to release multiple iterations of Street Fighter. While it was cool to have Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting on the SNES, at the time I remember thinking how the graphics and sound were identical to the first game and wondering why most of the magazines didn’t call this out (Chris Bieniek does mention this in his review on page 44). Another thing that was never called out is how the background music suddenly stops at the end of a round, which I thought was strange. Maybe I’m getting more cynical in my old age, but sometimes you just have to wonder whether there’s such a thing as a truly unbiased review (imagine a reviewer offending Capcom with a less-than-stellar review, Capcom retaliates, and next month your magazine misses the scoop to your competitors… a tough place to be in to be sure).

This first issue of Video Games retains a lot of character from VG&CE and is still enjoyable to read. Enjoy!

Video Games, September 1993 (PDF, 165 MB)

Video Games & Computer Entertainment, June 1993 Cover

Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine - June 1993 Cover

After all that crazy scanning, I finally catch a break with the June 1993 issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment. As you can see from the preceding link, this issue already exists as a scanned PDF on the internet. The only difference is the cover, which came in 4 different versions. The one that’s already up is cover 2 of 4, Vega, from Street Fighter II, while the one I’m posting here is cover 3 of 4, Sagat. Based on the sequence, I would assume that cover 1 is Balrog, and cover 4 is M. Bison.

So, this is it, the last VG&CE to scan, and it turns out that I only needed to scan the cover (a really messed one, too, had to use a flatbed). Although previously I mentioned that I might not scan Video Games, the successor to VG&CE, I’m leaning towards doing it now just for historical purposes (I’ve come this far after all). There are still a few catalogs and other materials to scan as well, so perhaps I’ll do those first to help break up the monotony.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post, and thank you for visiting.