SF Muni Transfer – July 21, 1990

Here’s a non-gaming related museum post, a transfer from San Francisco’s Municipal Railway dated July 21, 1990.

It was a Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer vacation, between 7th and 8th grades. I wonder where I was going?

San Francisco Muni Transfer - July 21, 1990

Update 5-31-17 1:51 PM: I found the stub for this transfer at the bottom of the blue bag, so here it is:

San Francisco Muni Transfer Stub - July 21, 1990

MTR 1987 Community Chest Ticket

Continuing from the previous post, tonight we have a commemorative MTR ticket from 1987, most likely issued as part of a charity event for the Community Chest. Although I was in Hong Kong at that time, I don’t really have any recollection of this ticket. Googling around, I found this really cool website with lots of MTR history and info. Hope you enjoy this museum post!

KCR 1995 Merry Christmas Ticket

For this Merry Christmas edition of the Museum, we have a Kowloon-Canton Railway special Christmas ticket, circa 1995. It was part of my late aunt’s collection of KCR/MTR tickets, and I finally took the time to scan them on this Christmas Eve. I’ll be posting the rest of them in the coming days. For now, allow me to extend to you a 2016 Merry Christmas. Happy holidays!

KCR Christmas Ticket 1995

KCR Christmas Ticket 1995

Old Octopus

Today’s museum post is a “figure out what to bring back to the U.S.” edition: an old yellow-colored Octopus card.

I found this card many years ago, I think on the floor of the lobby in my aunt’s flat. I brought it with me every time I came back to Hong Kong, but once I started living here I realized that it’s too old to work with the Octopus app on my phone, meaning that I couldn’t keep track of my daily Octopus expenses. It’s been sitting in my drawer ever since.

Old Yellow Octopus

I thought about keeping the card because it has some old logos on the back, but now that I’ve posted it to the museum I think it’s OK to return it to the MTR. Unlike my Sega Genesis games, I don’t think I’ll regret getting rid of this card. Enjoy the museum!

Old Yellow Octopus - Back

Che Kung Temple KCR Ticket

Che Kung Temple KCR Ticket - Front
A most colorful ticket
Che Kung Temple KCR Ticket - Back
Not so colorful on the back

For the first post of 2015 we have a museum post featuring a commemorative KCR ticket. I don’t know when this ticket was released but it must have been after 2004 when the Che Kung Temple Station opened.

This ticket is 31327 out of at least 66000. I was only able to find two other references to it on Google, here and here.

There will be more MTR/KCR tickets in the future. As always, hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post!