Racism – n. 1 a doctrine or teaching, without scientific support, that claims to find racial differences in character, intelligence, etc., that asserts the superiority of one race over another or others, and that seeks to maintain the supposed purity of a race or the races.
2 any program or practice of racial discrimination, segregation, etc. based on such beliefs.

— Webster’s New World Dictionary, Third Edition


In this day and age we are supposedly accustomed to different races and cultures, but can we really say that we are color-blind? The answer is a resounding no. I cannot say that I am color-blind; that is why I am creating this page. Some people say they’re not racist, that they don’t discriminate, that they don’t act with prejudice. Well, let me tell you something. Everyone is racist to some extent, whether or not they admit it. When we see a name, can we honestly say that we do not associate that name with an ethnicity? Chan, Wong, Chinese. Park, Kim, Korean. Yamaguchi, Yamamoto, Japanese. Rothenstein, Jewish. Young, white. You get the picture. This is just one of many examples that I want to talk about on this page. Please note that obviously this page is not and cannot be comprehensive, and that I’ve comprised examples through personal direct and indirect experiences. These are, afterall, my own opinions. Feel free to use the guestbook to provide feedback, or to add your own feedback. Also note that I am constantly adding to and updating this page — I add examples as I see/experience them. Thank you for visiting.


We all have our stereotypes. Some are funny, others offensive. But why do stereotypes exist? Is it only a racial thing? I don’t want to try and answer why they exist — just know that they do. If you ask me if stereotypes are exclusively racial, then the answer is obviously no. But lets talk about the racial ones. Below are a few of the stereotypes that I’ve encountered for different ethnicities:

  • Chinese – Cheap and loud.
  • Korean – Smoke and drink all day.
  • Black – Big and lazy.
  • Latino – Stupid and dirty.

These are only a small selection of stereotypes to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Although sometimes we may laugh at stereotypes (those about and not about our own race), we can’t deny that we use them. Sometimes, the act of using one is blatant, other times it is subtle. The bottom line is, they exist and we use them. Stereotypes are a form of discrimination, and as long as they exist, so will racism. I want to refer now to a personal experience that I’ve had regarding stereotypes.

Quite often I encounter stereotypes on the basketball court. Not all are racial, but many are. It is especially disconcerting when blacks, whites, or latinos think I can’t play just because I’m asian. I get the impression that they think no matter what, even if the asian schools their ass, the asian still can’t play. The asian got lucky. One time, I overheard a black man telling his black teammate after he fouled me that I “wouldn’t have made the bucket anyway.” That really pissed me off. From the beginning of the game I could tell that the black guy saw me as a joke or something worse. I made a pretty good move and scored in his eye and he said that the only reason I burned him was because I double dribbled, even though nobody agreed with him, not even his own teammates. It’s just really frustrating and flustering to know that you were dissed not because of what you did or how you acted, but because of the color of your skin and what you look like. On the same occasion, I learned that if you’re not black and everyone else on your team is, you’re never going to touch the ball because they’re simply never going to pass you the ball. Obviously this does not apply to all black/white/latino or so-called “American” people, but it does apply to some. And it applies often. After that experience I thought to myself about black people. Being the target of countless occasions of racism, prejudice, and discrimination, how could they do the same thing to someone else, knowing how frustrating it is? I just couldn’t understand it. But anyways, I’m gonna go on to another story.

Alright, in the summer of 1996 I was enjoying my vacation in good ol’ Hong Kong and one day my cousin and my sister and I were at the supermarket waiting to use a phone (in Hong Kong the supermarkets hook up people with phone calls) and finally it was our turn to use the phone. I had barely dialed the number when some white woman behind me started saying garbage like “Would you stop playing with the phone” and “Come on, I’m in a hurry” and all this other dumb stuff. So I turned around, looked at her, and then I totally chewed her out and showed her her place. haha yep, I was all “Damn if you were on the phone and I was waiting for you I’d be waiting for you. Sheeit, I had to wait to use this phone, so why don’t you wait?” And her dumbass was all threatening to get the manager so I was like “Go ahead and get the manager, I don’t give a hooty-nanny, and besides that, the manager will say I’m right!” So then I finally finished my call and the stupid bitch was like “thank you” in a hella sarcastic-ass tone. By then I was just like whatever and I just walked away. But this just goes to show how the woman thought that we were chinese and didn’t know how to speak english or even if we did, to resist. I’m pretty sure that she’s used to barely raising her voice and receiving all kinds of ass-kissing and so-called respect from chinese people. I mean, her face was in shock when I busted out with my U.S. fluent english. That felt hella good, but the stereotype still exists in Hong Kong that whites are superior to chinese. It makes my stomach turn when I see chinese folks totally act like they have no pride and kiss white-ass all day long. Ugh. And that, my friends, is another example of a stereotype.


When we talk about racism, one of the first things that comes to mind is violence. Racism unfortunately comes with violence a lot of the time, and it is unlikely that this will end anytime soon. This past week (week of June 8, 1998) a black man in Texas was dragged two miles on a rope behind a pickup truck by three white men and the authorities have the nerve to say that this incident was not racially motivated. Yeah right. Call me prejudiced, but the county is white, the sheriff is white, and the tattoos on the murderers speak white-supremacy. It is amazing that someone could actually say that this brutal crime was not racially motivated. I concede that I wasn’t there, and I don’t know all the details, but the entire situation just yells out “this was a hate crime!”. Speaking of violent hate crimes, I want to talk about someone named Vincent Chin. I read about his story in my Asian American Studies class, and what happened was that these white men had been laid off by their factory in Detroit (I think) and they blamed their layoff on Chinese people. Very upset and out of control, they beat Vincent Chin to death with a baseball bat. The proof was there, the eyewitnesses were there, and yet the murderers received little punishment. If the situation were reversed, that is, an Asian man killed a white man, what do you think would happen? The Asian man would probably be shot and killed by a cop at the spot. Speaking of which, there was this other Chinese man (I’ve temporarily forgotten his name) who had been laidoff, upset, and drunk. On that night, he went home and some neighbors called the cops because he was causing such a racket. When the cops came, he was swinging a broom around – nothing for the cops to be afraid of, right? Well, you know what the cops did? They pulled out a gun and shot him in the chest. As he lay dying on his own driveway, the cops restrained his wife (a registered nurse) who was begging to the cops to let her administer first aid. The cops continued to restrain her, and Wu (that was his name I think) died from excessive bleeding. The cops’ answer for pulling the trigger? They said that Wu appeared to know martial arts and was threatening them with it. Now what kind of shit is that? This was blatantly a case of excessive violence by the cops, but the part that pissed me off the most was the cops’ excuse. Just because an Asian man confronts you with a broom does not mean he knows “kung-fu”. Bastard. Maybe that should go in the stereotypes section, but it was violent so I put it here. That’s just my two cents for now. Maybe I’ll add more later. Byeeeeeeee!

Playstation X!

Playstation X!

A Blip Bar

The Playstation Console
The Playstation Console

Awww yeah, it’s my personal Playstation page. Here, I’m not gonna go into all the details like hardware specs or go into any system war issues. Rather, I’m going to rant about my current favorite games and give you people some tips, insights, etc. Take a look around and enjoy yourself!

Street Fighter Alpha 2
Street Fighter Alpha 2

One of my most favorite games of all time for the Playstation is Street Fighter Zero 2 by Capcom. Of all the games I own for PS, I’ve probably played this one the most. So who’s my favorite character? Well, I like using a bunch of ’em, but my best characters are Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Birdie.

My best kick-ass characters
My best kick-ass characters

I don’t know why, but it just seems like that I can never get bored of this game. There’ll be times when I play it so much that I throw it off to the side, and then a couple of weeks later I’ll pick it up again and start playing. Maybe it’s because this game has great graphics, excellent sound, and all the elements of the arcade game translated perfectly. No, I’m not trying to kiss ass, this game really is that good.

Some screenshots:

Street Fighter Zero 2 Street Fighter Zero 2

Street Fighter Zero 2 Super Akuma

You’ve probably been waiting for me to reveal some tricks and codes – well here is the code for Super Akuma aka Super Gouki:

Step 1:
Highlight Akuma and hold down the select button.

Step 2:
Press this sequence on the D-pad: D,R,R,D,L,D,L,D,R,R,R

The character highlight should be back at Akuma – at this point do not release the select button. Wait until Akuma changes color, press a button, and then release select. You are now Super Gouki!!!

(Note: For SFA2 Gold, all you have to do is hit “start” when Akuma is highlighted)

Well that’s all for now for Street Fighter, but I will add some more later. Other games currently planned to appear here: Wipeout XL, World Stadium EX, and NBA in the Zone 2. See ya later!

Wipeout XL
Wipeout XL

I Lie Here

I lie here and think to myself,
Thinking what it’d be like if you,
Knew the way I feel and felt it too.

I lie here and think to myself,
What it’d be like if I could be,
Could just be with you and you with me.

I lie here and think to myself,
If I could get a single kiss,
In heaven I’d be in pure bliss.

I lie here and think to myself,
What to do ‘coz I’m so alone,
Can’t you see how much my love has grown?

I lie here and think to myself,
How all of a sudden I feel,
I never thought it could be so real.

I lie here and think to myself,
That when I fall and start to dream,
I will only dream of you with me.

I lie here and think, and fall…

The Picture in the Frame

The picture in the frame, it seems alive.
You can almost hear the laughter, almost feel the happiness within those smiles.
You can almost smell the smells, almost hear the sounds.

The picture in the frame, it is one moment in time captured, forever.
Seeing into the picture you can relive that moment.
You can experience it once again.

I see this picture and remember what once was, but no longer.
For a time, I hear the laughs, taste the smells, and experience.
Then the picture in the frame becomes the picture in the frame again.

The picture says so much about what has happened, and what has not happened.
It makes me cry, it makes me laugh, it makes me feel so much.
The picture says what a thousand words cannot.

The picture in the frame, it seems alive.
When I turn off the light, the life drains away with the laughter, the smiles.
I no longer smell, I no longer hear, I no longer feel.

The picture in the frame, it will live again.

The Playground

The Playground

Hello and thank you for visiting the Playground. Right now we’re still constructing all the fun stuff that will soon be here, so please bear with us until construction is finished. For now, enjoy what we have so far, and please check back with us soon!

Here are some things you can play with for now (look left!):

• Short Stories: A little bit of what I’ve written
• Poems: Some more of my creations
• Pictures: Actually just one picture…
• Links: Other good sites on the web
• Most annoying people: I swear you just wanna kick some of these asses…
• Racism: Under construction but it’s a page about racism and my experiences with it
• Lessons about life: Just a few things I’ve learned
• Playstation is here but it’s still under renovation…
• Wishes: My wishes, duh.
• SF2: Brand new page about SF!!

Coming soon:

• More Playstation, Saturn, and other video games
• My Computer
• Music

Street Fighter!

Since I know you’ve all played this game before, I won’t rant about what a great game this is blah blah blah since you all know already. Then what is this page about? Actually you might call this a Guile page coz I am a big fan of Guile and, as I have to modestly say, a pretty skilled user of Guile… hahahah yeah right! But anyways, here you can see all of Guile’s special moves as well as some tips, combos, and bugs (do the freeze, handcuff, and invisible throw ring a bell?). Alright, let’s start off with some basics.

Sonic Boom – yeah, as if you didn’t know how to do this. For all you beginners out there, hold back for 2 seconds, then towards and any punch button. The strength of the button determines the speed of the sonic boom. Timing is critical and if you get the timing right, you’ll see a nice sonic boom like that in the picture.

Sonic Kick – alright, this is starting to sound like kindergarten, but remember, you can’t expect everyone to know. So for all you newbies out there, here’s how you do the sonic kick: hold down for 2 seconds, then up and any kick button. Once again, the strength of the button determines the height and range of the sonic kick.

After those basic moves we have the throws. Guile has ground throws as well as air throws. To do a throw, approach an opponent, hold left or right, and press either the strong button for a neck throw, or fierce for a suplex. To illustrate the neck throw, I utilized my Photoshop skills. Nice, huh?

Air Throw/Back Breaker:

In the air, hold left or right, tap strong or fierce/forward or roundhouse. Sorry about the semi-obscene pic of Guile and Chun-Li. 😉

Now that we’ve gone through the basics, let’s go through some more advanced stuff. Ever heard of the mystical glue, invisible throw, or freeze? What about the bug that causes the game to crash? If you’re think these are just rumors, think again. Take a look at these screenshots.

Crash bug
This bug causes the game to crash.
Ken is glued to Guile
Vega can’t touch a frozen Guile.
Invisible Throw
See it in action!

As you can see, these tricks are indeed real and can be done. In the future expect to see the button combos you need to do to activate these tricks. For now, enjoy the animated gif of the invisible throw. Just click on the picture and watch!



Everybody has their own special wish or wishes, and on this page I’d like to share some of my own. I wouldn’t say that these are all special wishes, although some of them are. They’re just some things that I think about at times and wish about. If you can grant any of them, let me know!!! j/k Okay, here they are:

  1. I wish I was a little bit taller.
  2. I wish I was a baller.
  3. I wish I had money.
  4. I wish my entire family could be together and happy.
  5. I wish I had a car.
  6. I wish I loved someone.
  7. I wish I could read people’s minds.
  8. I wish I could fly.
  9. I wish I could play the piano like Mozart.
  10. I wish I was a super genius.
  11. I wish my family, friends, and I could live forever.
  12. I wish that for one day the world would cater to me instead of me catering to the world.
  13. I wish people wouldn’t be so stuck up.
  14. I wish I didn’t have so many wishes.

Most Annoying People


I say sheeit, these people must be hella stoopid or something… I want to beat the crap outta them just for being dumb. Oh well, guess I can’t be getting mad at people for lacking brain cells…

  1. People who walk in front of you and all of a sudden they turn around or stop and you have to make a quick move to avoid them.
  2. People who like to stand in a doorway or stairway and get in the way of the entire world. Example: Stupid retards who stand in the exit-way after a crowded lecture.
  3. People who try to be someone they’re not. Example 1: Those fake-ass wannabe gangstas and fratboys. Example 2: Those people who pretend they’re black or some other race they’re not.
  4. People who think they’re bad-ass.
  5. Insensitive and inconsiderate people who make so much noise when you’re trying to sleep that you get so mad you want to get up and chew their ass out but you can’t coz you’re all snuggled in already.
  6. People who sit behind you in class and shake their fat leg and make you think there’s an earthquake.
  7. People who think they’re always right (i.e. someone who never admits wrong).
  8. People who use that plate you washed last night so could use it this morning but now you can’t because that fool used it.
  9. People who are so lazy that it affects you and makes you want to kick their ass.
  10. People who lie.
  11. People who pretend to be all friendly and run up to you to give you a hug but really they’re running up to you to give you one of those far-away cheap-ass fake-ass “hugs”.
  12. People who don’t take responsibility for what they did do.
  13. People who take responsibility for what they didn’t do.
  14. People who write the answers next to the questions in the textbooks and mess you up coz now you can’t work out the problem on your own.
  15. People who don’t pick up after themselves.



These are a few lessons that I’ve learnt throughout my life. Note that they are lessons, and not rules, which means that they apply often, but not always. They sound like fortune cookie taglines, don’t they? Maybe they’ll make you think. Maybe they’ll make you laugh. Whatever happens, I hope you find them interesting.

  1. Don’t underestimate people.
  2. Don’t overestimate people.
  3. Depend on only yourself.
  4. Don’t forget where you came from.
  5. Be grateful to your benefitors.
  6. Taking the wrong path is easy; taking the right path is difficult.
  7. Treat others as you’d like to be treated.
  8. Keep your eyes open; know who are truly friends and who are not.
  9. If you want something done right, do it yourself.
  10. Stick up for what you believe in.
  11. What you think and believe about yourself is the most important.
  12. Remember the past, but don’t live in it.
  13. Nothing is forever. That is, everything has an ending.
  14. Take seriously only the matters that require it; think clearly and ask yourself if you really need to get all worked up for a stupid reason.
  15. Those who scorn reveal nothing but their own insecurities.
  16. When you feel angry, release that negative energy on something positive.
  17. True love is hard to find.
  18. Don’t let pride prevent you from doing the right thing.
  19. Be aware of your surroundings.
  20. If you are responsible, you will fulfill your obligations even if you don’t want to.
  21. Laugh and smile if you feel like it — fake smiles are ugly.
  22. Don’t be a smartass with an attitude.
  23. Think about the consequences of your actions before you take them.
  24. When you have lots of something, a little bit is nothing. When you have nothing, a little bit is a lot.
  25. Don’t be wasteful.
  26. If you’ve done wrong, admit it and take the consequences.

Short Stories

Short Stories

May 24, 1998 – I finally changed my short stories page! As before, there are two fictional stories from my junior year in high school, and one non-fictional one about my dad. Note that I said fictional for those stories, so don’t think I’m a freak or anything. haha I’ve added a story about an Asian American woman telling what it was and is like to be an immigrant. That was written in Spring 97. There’s another kinda corny story about Japanese internment and toys and all that. That was from high school as well. Finally, the last piece isn’t really a short story, but an essay I had to write for my comparative literature class about Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. I hated that book so I wrote that in my paper and I totally expected an F, but I ended up getting an A! So I thought I’d share that with all y’all. =) Anyways, hope you enjoy my stuff!

Long time ago – Thank you for trying out my short stories page. There are two creative stories that I wrote during my junior and senior years in high school, so don’t get on my case if some of the grammar is off. =) The third story is a little more serious. It’s a true story about my father’s passing away. I warn you not to read it if you don’t want to feel all bad afterwards… I think it gives out a good message though. Anyways, hope you enjoy my stories!

Click on the choices to your left to read a story.