Sega Master System II 1990 Catalog/Poster

This Sunday afternoon museum post features a colorful Sega Master System II poster and game lineup from 1990. Chances are that this poster came inside a game, but I don’t think I can say which one with any accuracy. Somehow, I want to say Alex Kidd in Shinobi World since that was one of the later games I acquired for the SMS.

There were a number of mistakes and/or liberties taken with the screenshots appearing on this poster. Both Columns and Mickey Mouse appear to be showing the Genesis versions of the game (perhaps a miscommunication between the marketing department and the truth department?), Wonder Boy III appears to be showing a reversed photo of the original Wonder Boy, both Alex Kidd in Shinobi World and Cyber Shinobi show the same screenshot (which appears to be an earlier version of the former), and Fantasy Zone shows a screenshot of Fantasy Zone II (upon closer inspection of the game description, however, this one is actually a typo in the title which should read Fantasy Zone II).

This was another poster that came off the wall of my childhood apartment, and tape and staple holes are probably visible in the scan. Perhaps due to the white color of the poster, it was a lot harder putting together the various scanned sections in Photoshop (this black Genesis one was a lot easier, for example). The silver gridlines were especially problematic, and the final product shows some slight misalignments which I apologize for. Believe me, I really tried.

Despite the issues, I quite like this one. I hope you do too.

Sega Master System II Poster 1990

Sega Master System II Game Lineup 1990

Electronic Arts Sega Genesis Lineup and Hint Line Poster (1992)

This third museum post of the day is an Electronic Arts poster featuring 1992’s Sega Genesis lineup on one side, and a phone menu chart for EA’s hint line on the other. The games side is pretty nice; not sure about that 900 number though. For the record, I never called it, nor did I ever desire to do so.

Poster - Electronic Arts Sega Genesis Lineup (1992)

Poster - Electronic Arts Hint Line Phone Menu

Sega Genesis Free Speaker Offer (1990-1991)

Here’s a coupon for the Sega Genesis Free Speaker Offer, circa 1990-1991. As mentioned in this post, I actually redeemed these speakers, and they were pretty cool. Later, when I saw an identical model of speaker elsewhere, I learned that they were merely generic speakers with a Genesis logo printed on them. I collected a bunch of these coupons, and this is the last one. Enjoy!

Sega Genesis Free Speaker Certificate

Sega Genesis Free Speaker Certificate

Sega Genesis Golden Axe 1990 Catalog/Poster

Tonight’s museum post is another Sega Genesis poster and catalog from my father’s blue shoulder bag, Golden Axe, also from 1990 (I would guess that this one came out before the one linked above). I found two of these in the bag: one that was from the wall of my old house, still dusty and stuck with tape on the corners, and another that appears to be brand new from inside a game box. The latter is the one posted here, and you can see the creases from being folded and untouched for nearly 30 years.

It’s been a couple of days since I posted the backed up queue from our lack of internet, and from the completion date of the last post it’s been 4 days since I’ve done any scanning. As of this moment, I have one more magazine to scan (the very last one), and another magazine that’s still in its plastic bag that I want to photograph (only for the bag; the magazine is available online). Then, it’ll be the rest of the brochures and loose items from the blue bag, and then probably the manuals for my Sega Master System games. After that, everything that I want to save will be saved, and the long project of saying goodbye to my unused possessions will be over.

It’s hard. I want to be done already. I don’t feel like going on, and I’m not feeling it tonight either, but I tried to force myself to scan this poster, so here it is. I don’t know if I’ll force myself to do another tonight. For now, I hope you enjoy this poster.

Sega Genesis 1990 Golden Axe Poster

Sega Genesis 1990 Golden Axe Catalog

Sega Visions Trading Cards, Survey Stub

This post originally completed on May 22, 2017 at 10:47 PM

Continuing on from the previous post, here are some more stragglers from a couple of Sega Visions issues. Since these are Sega, I like them a little more. 😉

The trading cards are from the premiere issue of Sega Visions magazine, circa June/July 1990. The scanned magazine that’s available online does not include the trading cards, so here they are for historical purposes. These cards appeared between pages 24 and 25. The opposite panel appeared between pages 8 and 9.

The survey stub appeared in the Fall 1991 issue of Sega Visions. Of course, I completed the survey and sent it in, leaving only this stub. Unfortunately, I did not note which page it came from.


Sega Visions June-July 1990 Trading Cards

Sega Visions June-July 1990 Trading Cards

Sega Visions June-July 1990 Trading Cards Opposite Panel

Sega Visions Fall 1991 Survey Card Stub

Miscellaneous Game Posters

This post originally completed on May 22, 2017 at 7:24 PM

These posters are stragglers from the magazines I’ve scanned and disposed of. I don’t particularly care for them, but since they are also a part of video game history, I’m putting them here for the record.

First, a Sega Genesis X-Men poster from April 1993’s issue of EGM:

Sega Genesis X-Men Special Edition Poster, EGM April 1993

A colorful poster for your wall. The Genesis logo looks pretty cool.

Sega Genesis X-Men Special Edition Poster Strategy Guide, EGM April 1993

And on the back, a mini strategy guide for a few levels in the game.

Also for the record, I’d like to point out that the red “Dracula” text on the cover of this issue was a shiny foil material that the scanner couldn’t capture.

Next, a Sunsoft Looney Tunes poster from the December 1993 issue of EGM:

Sunsoft Acme Games Test Lab Poster, EGM December 1993

I could see this poster being on the door of 1990s teenager.

Sunsoft Looney Tunes Lineup, EGM December 1993

Sunsoft’s Nintendo lineup for 1993

And lastly, an Illusion of Gaia promotional flyer and coupon from the October 1994 issue of Video Games (I remember this issue arriving in a plastic bag, with this flyer alongside):

Illusion of Gaia Folded Flyer with 3D Effect, 1994

When folded, there is a sort of 3D multi-layer effect.

Illusion of Gaia Promotional Flyer, 1994

Unfolded, we see the many wonders of the ancient world.

Illusion of Gaia Promotional Flyer, 1994

And on the back, an introduction to Illusion of Gaia, along with a $10 coupon.

It’s been a few months and the magazine-scan finish line is finally within reach, all these magazines that I’ve kept all these years, gone from my bookshelf and converted to PDF. Next up will be the difficult task of figuring out what to do with all my consoles and games. As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

Sega Genesis 1990 Catalog/Poster

This post originally completed on May 8, 2017 at 12:03 AM

Here’s the first non-magazine scan in a while, a Sega Genesis catalog and poster circa 1990. This was probably one of my favorites from the period early on in the Genesis’ life when it still maintained the “Sega grid” that had been part of the Master System’s packaging as well. Black was definitely cooler than the candy-stripe colors from later years.

I don’t remember how I came across this poster. I want to say it came with a game, but unlike the Master System catalog, I have zero recollection of seeing these in the game boxes. Then again, I sold most of my Genesis games long ago so it wouldn’t be surprising that I’ve forgotten. For sure I had some of these Genesis posters (there were multiple variations) on my old room’s wall, but this particular one is pretty clean and lacks pinholes and tape. Maybe I’ll hold onto it for a while.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post.

Sega Genesis 1990 Poster

Sega Genesis 1990 Catalog

Sega Force (July 1993)

Sega Force (July 1993)

The scanning of my EGM supplements continues with this issue of Sega Force from July 1993.

Looking at my own collection as well as the site where I usually find scanned magazines, quite a few Sega Force supplements were published. They didn’t have this particular issue (they did have the other issue that I had, the November 1993 Joe Montana one), so here it is. It’s actually a pretty nice roundup of everything Sega from that time period, and surprisingly the physical issue I had was in pristine shape, appearing as if I never read it. Well, it’s sliced up now and waiting for the recycle bin after almost 24 years. RIP magazine that I probably looked at once and never looked at again.

Barring any scanner artifact issues, there should be more museum posts tonight. Stay tuned.

Sega Force, July 1993 (PDF, 74.1 MB)

Sega Hard Stuff Postcard, November 1997

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Next Generation magazine on this website yet, so here’s the first post relating to that magazine, a Sega postcard from the pages of the November 1997 issue.

It was indeed cool when this magazine first came out; a mature, no-nonsense magazine to compete with the juvenile Electronic Gaming Monthly. I collected quite a few, and luckily all of the ones I had are available online, so I don’t have to scan them. Even so, I don’t understand why subscription cards and other miscellaneous attachments aren’t deemed worthy to scan by my fellow gaming-magazine enthusiasts – IMHO, they are just as worthy of being preserved as the magazines, are they not? Well, even if they won’t do it, I will, so here’s the Sega postcard from Next Gen 35. Enjoy!

Sega Hard Stuff Postcard, November 1997

Sega Hard Stuff Postcard, November 1997