SF Muni Transfer – July 21, 1990

Here’s a non-gaming related museum post, a transfer from San Francisco’s Municipal Railway dated July 21, 1990.

It was a Saturday afternoon in the middle of summer vacation, between 7th and 8th grades. I wonder where I was going?

San Francisco Muni Transfer - July 21, 1990

Update 5-31-17 1:51 PM: I found the stub for this transfer at the bottom of the blue bag, so here it is:

San Francisco Muni Transfer Stub - July 21, 1990

San Francisco, California

San Francisco Panorama

San Francisco Panorama – November 29, 2011

I saw another photo from November 29, 2011, this time in my screensaver, not my desktop slideshow. Opening up the folder and seeing the photos, I realized that I was trying to do a panorama back then. Two and a half years later, I finally put the photos into Photoshop and created it.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to name a few things that I miss from SF/America: having a (my) car, convenient and easy online shopping, a dishwasher, and clean air.