The (Almost) Original Sony Playstation


I spent some time during the summer to clean out the garage and throw out things that I no longer needed. One of these things was my first Sony PlayStation, bought in the summer of 1995.

The reason this was “almost” the original Sony PlayStation is that this was the second iteration of the system, the SCPH-3000. The first version was SCPH-1000, which had a black-shaded cardboard box. The SCPH-3000 box was blue-shaded. The SCPH-1000 had a built in S-Video jack. Otherwise, the two systems were mostly identical. This was also back when electronics were actually made in Japan.

Serial Label

Original Box

I think around 2001, I poked around inside my SCPH-3000 and accidentally cut the ribbon cable that connected the CD-drive mechanism to the circuit board. Oops yes, but it wasn’t super bad. This PlayStation had its share of early-model-defects and frequently had to be set on its side or even upside down to read a disc. It’s probably why I opened it in the first place, to see if there was anything I could do to fix it.

Up until this past summer, the inoperative PlayStation had been in storage, replaced in active service by the newly designed PSOne. Now, it lives on in this gallery.

Controller Ports

PlayStation Logo

Original Power Cord




Link and Composites

AV Multi-Out

Power Input