Pork Ribs

For Sunday Dinner I decided to try my hand at some pork ribs I bought from Wellcome. I cut up some potatoes, cilantro, and onion, then mixed in a bowl with olive oil and some lemon juice.

Potatoes with Cilantro and Lemon Juice
Potato bed

Next up, I spread the mixture into a rectangular pan and put the ribs into the bowl, using them to sop up any leftover cilantro and oil. Since I’d already used lemon juice and we had some lemon pepper, I rubbed some all over the ribs before placing them on the bed of potatoes.

Ribs - Ready to be Cooked
Ready to be cooked

Of course, all this time I had the electric oven preheating at 120˚C/250˚F. I read an article online about roasting ribs on low heat, and recently my coworker did a beef roast on low heat also, so I wanted to give it a try. After cooking for about 2 hours, I raised the temp hoping to get some fat to sizzle and some meat to brown, and once that happened I took the whole thing out to rest. Here’s how it turned out:

Ribs - Ready to Eat
Ready to eat

Unfortunately the meat was a little dry and the potatoes were barely cooked. Reading the recipe in the link now, I realize that I neglected to cover the pan. Oops! That’s why both the meat and the potatoes didn’t cook right. If covered there would have been a steam effect going on to actually cook the potatoes while retaining moisture in the meat. I then could have finished it off uncovered like in the recipe.

Taste-wise, it’s hard to really mess up pork and it was fine with the lemon pepper, though I probably wouldn’t do it again. I’d probably use extra olive oil, lemon juice, and cilantro because the potatoes worked really well, the highlight of this accident. Will just need to make sure they cook right next time. My excuse is that I’m getting old and I don’t cook much anymore, so that when I finally do cook I forget little details that I used to know like the back of my hand. haha. Enjoy life and eat good food.