PC World Instant Reference Card #25 (June 1992)

I finally finished digitizing everything from the blue shoulder bag. Last week, maybe Friday night, I became angry that doing all this was taking so long, and I went on a scanning rampage to get it all in. As I’ve mentioned before, I usually scan and post one thing at a time, but I didn’t want to wait any longer. As a result, I’ve pretty much lost all momentum for posting more items from the bag. I was more interested in posting the video-game-related material anyway, which I’ve done.

So, here’s an instant reference card from the June 1992 issue of PC World magazine, for Windows 3.1. Looking at the card, I’m reminded of the file manager in Windows 3.1 which I had forgotten about. There are also quite a few shortcuts that still work in current versions of Windows, and others that are probably gone forever.

While Windows 3.1 was nice, I think my favorite windows from that time was 3.0. It was my first version of Windows, and I’ll always remember the big splash screen that took up the entire monitor, versus the little box from Windows 3.1. If I recall correctly, it took only five 1.2-megabyte floppies to install Windows 3.0. Compare that to a multi-gigabyte ISO for Windows 10, twenty-five years later.

I put the rest of the items from the blue bag that might be worthy of posting in the museum in a queue, and may or may not post them in the coming days. For now, please enjoy this instant reference card from PC World 1992.

PC World Instant Reference Card #25, Windows 3.1 Basics (June 1992)

PC World Instant Reference Card #25, Windows 3.1 Advanced (June 1992)



I was digging through some old files and found this drawing that I made in Windows 3.1 Paintbrush in 1994. These old-style graphics are very comforting to me, perhaps because they remind me of growing up in the 90s in our little cozy apartment in San Francisco, my old 386 humming quietly as I put this little scene together. Today’s games and graphics seem too advanced by comparison. Perhaps the simpler graphics are a reflection of simpler times.

Even then, I was already a fan of the night. This drawing depicts how I feel when I stay up late at night. I am calm. I am at peace. I lay awake contemplating this thing we call life, the sound of the splashing water lulling me slowly to sleep.

These old bitmaps don’t resize well, so please click to view it full-size.