Wing Wah Phở Gà - December 22, 2016

Lots of delicious chicken this time

I have been trying to go to Wing Wah Phở Gà for quite some time now, because for one reason or another (vacation, health inspection, ???) it always happens to be closed when I try to go. Last week, I finally caught it on a day that it was open. It was late in the afternoon, and I was the only one there. Is that why there was noticeably more chicken than last time? I don’t know, but it was a really hearty meal, and even better when paired with an iced coffee. The minced ginger-scallion dip that went with the chicken was marvelous as well. A great meal to remember. Enjoy!

德昌魚蛋粉 (Duck Cheung Fishball Noodles)


德昌魚蛋粉 – January 7, 2010

Was sorting through some old photos when I chanced upon this one, a bowl of fishball noodles from 德昌, in our old neighborhood of North Point. I don’t exactly remember the first time we went there, but I want to say 2008. Ever since that first time, we’ve gone pretty regularly throughout the years.

Looking at this photo, I think of the soft, slippery noodles floating in the fish broth. The first sip of soup is especially satisfying after the anticipation of the meal. I like to pair it with an iced tea, either lemon or milk. If I remember correctly, this particular combo is under HKD$40, or about USD$5.00. What a deal.

I hope I get a chance to enjoy it again.

Wing Wah Phở Gà

Wing Wah Shredded Chicken Ho Fun Soup

Hearty chicken soup, shredded chicken, rice noodles – delish!

Been really liking the chicken noodles at Wing Wah Phở Gà lately – you can get a choice of bone-in or boneless chicken; the former is tastier but takes more effort, and the latter is appropriate for when you’re starving and just want to concentrate on eating – both are wonderful in their own right.

This bowl was from last weekend. It was a record-setting hot day, and the noodles went great with an iced coffee. Sweat it out!

Chow Jew Thin Egg Noodle

VH Chow Jew Thin Egg Noodle

Here’s another bowl for the VH trophy case. Decided to go with the thin yellow egg noodles this time, reminiscent of ramen. Compared with other bowls in the case, it looks like the noodles sank so that most of the accompaniments are in the soup rather than on top. Inconsequential however because it was still good!

Here’s a photo of Franklin Street in Oakland Chinatown which I took after the meal. Just for fun:

Franklin Street, Oakland Chinatown

Chow Jew Rice Noodle (with Chicken)

VH Chow Jew Rice Noodles with Chicken

VH breakfast – July 31, 2015

Here’s another bowl for my VH trophy case. This is the first photo here of the “standard” Chow Jew noodle, with chicken breast. When I was eating VH regularly it was usually more chicken than pork, which is why the former is standard to me. I wonder how they decide on which one to use?

Looking at the photo now, I want to eat it again. So delicious! ?