Marui Hyper Jr. Racer No. 3 Instructions

Here’s the first museum post in a few days, an instruction sheet for a mini-4WD model kit from Marui, the Turbo Optima Hyper Jr. Racer. The model kit was probably available from the mid to late 80s.

I don’t recall ever owning the Turbo Optima. Even the photo from Google doesn’t ring any bells. The only Marui 4WD that I remember having was the Alien Mid 4, which I kept until 2010. Perhaps this instruction sheet was a gift from a friend. It was folded into quarters and fit perfectly in the instructions slot of one of my Sega games, Hang On. In the past I’ve mentioned never letting go of my Sega games, but this has finally changed, hence the removal of the instructions from the game.

As a result, there may be more Sega museum posts in the coming days. For now, please enjoy this one.

Marui Hyper Jr. Racer No. 3 - Instruction Sheet - Mid to Late 1980s

Marui Hyper Jr. Racer No. 3 - Instruction Sheet - Mid to Late 1980s

Alien Mid 4 - September 12, 2010

Alien Mid 4 before disposal – September 12, 2010

Tamiya Hotshot Junior

Hotshot Jr Box Front

Here’s another moving museum post. At the time I was snapping photos of everything that I wasn’t planning on keeping, planning to someday post them as museum posts. Well, almost two years later, here is the box of my Hotshot Junior mini 4WD model car.

These were one of many toys that I grew up playing with (though I doubt serious enthusiasts would agree that they are toys). In primary school, we would race our mini 4WDs in our school’s drainage gutter, sprinting along with the cars. After I grew up, I almost always bought one if I ever encountered one. I think I bought this one when I was in Hong Kong in early 2010.

The last photo shows a couple of the cars from childhood, as well as a more recent acquisition. Also, here is Tamiya’s Online Catalog, a treasure trove of photos and information. Enjoy!