Lebon’s 10 Common Cocktails

A couple of things to post tonight after having both milk tea and coffee today (hello caffeine!!!)… first is a brochure from Lebon International, apparently a dealer in spirits. A couple of my coworkers chipped in to buy me a bottle of Macallan as a parting gift on their second-to-last day. The bottle came in a Lebon-branded bag and this brochure was inside.

The name of the company is interesting. Both JC and I thought of that famous basketball player. Maybe they didn’t want to invite lawsuits so they dropped a letter. Or maybe it’s French and they want to sound snobby?

I will probably post the Macallan later when I open it. Lately I’ve been drinking mostly as an escape, and I don’t want to do that for this beautiful and unexpected gift. Since moving back to Hong Kong I haven’t had a single drop of single malt, and I want to save this for a happy time.

For now, here’s a brochure from Lebon International: 10 common cocktails.

Lebon International's 10 Common Cocktails

Lebon International's 10 Common Cocktails


Was talking to a friend about Scotch tonight which got me thinking about my old collection. I used to have a bookshelf dedicated to it and each night I would come home from a hard day and sample one of the bottles. It was nice being able to choose from so many different expressions, but it did get a little bit crazy after a while, drinking hard liquor every single night.

I first discovered single malts in 2008. It was a Glenfiddich 12 in a little neighborhood drinking spot in Hong Kong. On the same night I had a Macallan 12 as well. Later, when I returned to Oakland, I bought my first bottle of Macallan 12. Prior to that I would randomly pick bottles of spirits in the supermarket, wanting to sample them all. With single-malt Scotch, I finally found my go-to drink.

Over the years, my collection has grown and shrunk depending on my circumstances, and I am lucky to always have access to at least a bottle or two. When I lived in Hong Kong with my limited income, my “collection” was always a single bottle. Due to how single malts are perceived there, prices can be ridiculous which led me to sample blended whiskies as well as non-Scotch whiskies. That’s how I discovered Famous Grouse, the number-one selling Scotch whisky in Scotland. 🙂

The photo below was taken about 5 years ago. I never took the time to take a proper (i.e. staged) photo of my collection, but like whisky, I don’t think anything else matters as long as you enjoy it and it makes you happy. Cheers to you, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Scotch Shelf

So many choices, let your mood decide

(Disclaimer: No Lagavulins were actually stored sideways before or after the taking of this photo.)