Game Player’s, January 1991 Issue

Game Player's Magazine - January 1991

This post originally completed on May 21, 2017 at 5:00 PM

This is my very last issue of Game Player’s magazine, from January 1991. In my eagerness to scan everything, I went backwards for Game Player’s, starting with June 1991, and now working back to the first month of that year.

In the post for the February issue I mentioned Wing Commander being one of the iconic games that appeared. While that was merely an appearance, this January issue features an in-depth, multi-page look at the game. Very nice indeed. Other notables include Race and Hard Drivin’, Road Blasters, Paperboy, and Sword of Vermilion. Hardware-wise, there’s an introduction to an interesting product: the Konami Laserscope.

In the June 1991 scan, I mentioned subscribing to an introductory 3-month offer, but when I look at my collection (the 4 scanned here and the ones available on Retro CDN), I find that I may have been mistaken. But then, I do remember something about a 3-month offer. Is it possible that I subscribed to two different offers, perhaps using a relative’s name? Pages 11 and 12 are missing a corner in this issue – could that have been the coupon? (And BTW, I apologize for the missing chunk in this magazine, and the one other that I forgot to mention). Perhaps the offer was a 6-month offer. Or maybe the 3-month offer was for another magazine, like Next Generation. Damn this thing called aging.

Regardless of what happened, I enjoyed this little brief excursion with Game Player’s after spending so much time with EGM and VG&CE. I hope you did, too.

Game Player’s, January 1991 (PDF, 132 MB)

Game Player’s, February 1991 Issue

Game Player's Magazine - February 1991

This post originally completed on May 21, 2017 at 3:22 PM

On this Sunday afternoon we have the February 1991 issue of Game Player’s magazine.

This issue was a pretty nice one, with many iconic games making appearances. I added quite a few of them (plus some relatively obscure but cool-looking ones) to my playlist after reviewing the scan. Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad despite today being almost as hot as yesterday (scanner did get pretty hot, though). To name a few of the highlights: Super Mario Brothers 3, Populous, Test Drive III, Strider, Dr. Mario, Columns, Wing Commander, and many more. 1990 must have been a great year for games in general.

Some things I wanted to mention about the physical magazine that I keep forgetting to: Game Player’s used a very soft and floppy type of paper; also, a lot of the pages are misaligned. The magazine is glue-bound, and I have been using a pair of kitchen shears to cut off the spine, which shows the volume number, issue number, and “GAME PLAYER’S MAGAZINE”. On some pages the kitchen-shear technique is visible, but luckily you can’t really tell on most pages. Some sources online suggest using a heat gun or blow dryer to melt the glue and pull out the pages, but when I tried this with a different, non-gaming magazine, I found that too many pages curled up, making them difficult to feed into a sheet-fed scanner.

After seeing all these cool games, I think I might just spend the rest of my afternoon playing them. We shall see. As always, I hope you enjoy this issue.

Game Player’s, February 1991 (PDF, 137 MB)

Game Player’s, March 1991 Issue

Game Player's Magazine - March 1991

This post originally completed on May 21, 2017 at 1:44 AM

Tonight’s magazine scan is the March 1991 issue of Game Player’s.

Despite its relatively small 100-page size, this issue was a nightmare to scan. Perhaps I shouldn’t have scanned on such a hot day (it got up to 90°F at one point). Pretty much every other page had a random vertical line somewhere. This is the reason why there’s only a single scan tonight.

One highlight of this magazine that I noticed while reviewing is coverage of the Nintendo World Championship. If I’m not mistaken, this was the only one that ever occurred (correction: there was a second one in 2015). This brings to mind the movie The Wizard, which I loved as a kid. Too bad I was a Sega fan.

There was also an article covering arcade machines for the home which I thought was interesting. It would seem that back then, trying to bring the arcade experience home was paramount. Now, arcades hardly exist in America, and some games are even ported from home machines back to the arcade (Street Fighter IV comes to mind). The video game industry has really come far these past few decades.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

Game Player’s, March 1991 (PDF, 138 MB)

Game Player’s, June 1991 Issue

Game Player's Magazine - June 1991

This late-night edition of magazine scans features the June 1991 issue of Game Player’s.

I have a few of these magazines from the time I signed up for a promotional, free 3-month subscription. It might even have been an offer from the magazine itself, but I don’t remember. This June issue is actually separate, either bought from the store or from another single-issue promotion.

If I recall correctly, I actually quite enjoyed Game Player’s, but looking at it now, I couldn’t tell you exactly why. It seems to be positioned between VG&CE and EGM, not as serious as the former, but also not as sensationalist as the latter. I remember liking the format, but looking at it now the type is rather large, which I suppose is great for kids. Granted, I was just finishing middle school at that time. Speaking of format, you may notice that a lot of pages are slanted; that’s from the actual magazine, and not the scanner. The last 25% of the magazine was murder, requiring re-scans for every single page.

Lastly, there is a version of this issue at Retro CDN, but there are some errors in the PDF such as page size mismatches and missing pages (replaced by duplicates from further in the magazine, e.g. page 45 appearing where page 3 should be). At this point, the fewer magazines I scan, the better. I only have a few left, which makes it the more difficult. It’s always like this for me, whether it’s near the end of a race, a school project, or something at work. The final stretch is always the hardest because I’ve already done the bulk of the work, it’s “good enough”, and I’m ready to quit. Just have to keep doing!

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post.

Game Player’s, June 1991 (PDF, 129 MB)