EGM Super Tour ’93 (October 1993)

EGM Super Tour '93

Here’s an EGM supplement promoting their 1993 Super Tour. The supplement came with the October 1993 issue of EGM (yes, I thought that there were no more items from this issue, but believe it or not there’s more to come).

The supplement is basically an overview of various game publishers and their offerings. Nothing bad is said about anyone or anything. A good way to promote the industry, I guess.

EGM Super Tour ’93, October (PDF, 42.8 MB)

Electronics Boutique October 1993 Catalog

Electronics Boutique October 1993 Catalog

Here’s a nice October 1993 “double” catalog from Electronics Boutique featuring video games on one side, and PC software and accessories on the other. The idea was that once you reached the end of one catalog, you flipped it to read the other section. For PDF readability while somewhat preserving historical accuracy, I rotated the software section 180 degrees, and maintained the page order. If you want to read the software section first, start at the end of the PDF and page-up!

Most likely this catalog came with the November 1993 issue of EGM (a gigantic issue), since they were both in the same plastic bag. There is an off chance that I got this catalog from the store and placed it in the bag myself, but the great condition of the catalog suggests that I didn’t.

I was lucky in that the scan didn’t have too many artifacts (usually the first scan of the day is like this, which makes me think that heat is an issue). I enjoyed browsing through the sections as I reviewed it. By this time the Genesis 2 was out and took the first section, followed by the Sega CD. That’s interesting because I would think that the SNES had taken over number one by then. Perhaps this was part of Sega’s aggressive marketing campaign at the time. Jurassic Park seemed to be everywhere, with the game available on SEVEN different platforms (and that’s just in the video game section, didn’t check the PC section). It was also interesting to see that the Sound Blaster 16 was already out in 1993. My first one came in 1996, and I had always thought it was an up-to-date card at the time.

It’s my pleasure to bring you this catalog today. Enjoy.

Electronics Boutique October 1993 Catalog (PDF, 63.1 MB)

Electronics Boutique Early 1990s Summer Catalog

Electronics Boutique Early 90s Summer Catalog

Here’s a random Electronics Boutique catalog from the early 1990s, probably 1992 based on the games that appear in it. The catalog was stored separately from the rest of my magazines, so it could have come with an EGM or, I got it from a store.

Compared with the March 1993 catalog, the Super NES is selling at the higher price of $179.99, and also appears second to the Sega Genesis. Since the Super NES was released in summer of ’91, it would seem that EB felt it hadn’t hit its stride yet. There’s also a large section dedicated to PC software, and even PC hardware (a handheld scanner cost $379.99!).

I feel a strong sense of nostalgia when I look at this catalog, probably because this was still early on in the 16-bit era. At this time, I don’t think I even had an SNES yet, since Street Fighter II was still only available as an arcade game. I had just finished my first year of high school. My world was pure video games. It was a simpler time.

As always, I hope you enjoy this museum post.

Electronics Boutique Early 1990s Summer Catalog (PDF, 40.5 MB)

EGM Super Tour ’93

This is the last item from the October 1993 EGM, I promise! 🙂 It’s another discount card for use at Electronics Boutique, part of EGM’s 1993 Super Tour. The card was stuck with adhesive between pages 162 and 163, a preview of Gauntlet IV for the Sega Genesis. Another card also appeared between pages 194 and 195 (in my particular issue, this second card is tilted and cut off at the bottom corner).

EGM Super Tour '93 Discount Card

EGM Super Tour '93 Discount Card

Electronics Boutique March 1993 Catalog

Tonight’s museum post features another insert from the April 1993 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, a catalog from Electronics Boutique. The cover features Nintendo’s Starfox, which was due to be released on March 26th for the Super Nintendo.

By this time we were well into the 16-bit console wars, with competitive pricing on consoles from both Sega and Nintendo. Interestingly, both companies released cleaning kits for their systems – perhaps a way to recoup some money on their consoles’ cutthroat pricing? On the 8-bit front, the NES was still available and apparently going strong, with EB devoting 3 pages to it. In retrospect, it would have been a great time to get an NES and store it for the future. Ah, the beauty of hindsight.

Since the catalog is 24 pages long, I’ve scanned it as a PDF. Download here (35 MB). As always, hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post!

Electronics Boutique March 1993 Catalog