Trickman’s Best Tricks and Tips of 1993! (EGM August 1993)

Trickman's Best Tricks and Tips of 1993! (EGM August 1993)

Here’s the last EGM supplement appearing on this site for a little while: a compilation of tips and tricks that came with the August 1993 issue. Seems slightly underwhelming given its hyperbolic title. Only three out of eight pages actually have tips.

Trickman’s Best Tricks and Tips of 1993! (PDF, 10.8 MB)

Super NES Holiday Shopper’s Guide (from EGM October 1993)

Super NES Holiday Shopper's Guide, EGM October 1993

This Super NES Holiday Shopper’s Guide should be the last item that came with the October 1993 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, but I don’t want to say it just in case I’m wrong again and something else pops up.

Not much to say here other than it’s a nice roundup of available and upcoming SNES games from that period. You could slap any retailer’s logo on it to make a holiday catalog. Enjoy!

Super NES Holiday Shopper’s Guide (PDF, 22.1 MB)

EGM’s Video Game Accessory Guide (1992)

EGM's Video Game Accessory Guide (1992)

It’s nice to see what peripherals and accessories are available for whatever system(s) you have, and this EGM Video Game Accessory Guide is a pretty thorough reference for 1992 (based on the copyright years on some ads; this supplement was stored loosely from its parent magazine). My only beef is that it reads more like a marketing brochure than an actual guide. For example, I simply do not see how the Super Advantage joystick for the SNES can be claimed to be good for Street Fighter II when it has such a strange layout, yet this guide claims that the buttons are “strategically placed” and even gives the joystick first runner-up for best SF2 joystick. Yeah, right!

That’s all for tonight, hope you’ve enjoyed today’s EGM supplements.

EGM’s Video Game Accessory Guide, 1992 (PDF, 42.1 MB)

EA Sports Unofficial Tournament Gaming Guide (EGM October 1993)

Unofficial Tournament Gaming Guide, EA Sports, October 1993

Here’s another EGM supplement that I’ve never particularly cared for, the Unofficial Tournament Gaming Guide from EA Sports, from the October 1993 issue. It’s relatively small and easy to scan, so here it is for historical purposes.

The Unofficial Tournament Gaming Guide, October 1993 (PDF, 7.58 MB)

EGM Super Tour ’93 (October 1993)

EGM Super Tour '93

Here’s an EGM supplement promoting their 1993 Super Tour. The supplement came with the October 1993 issue of EGM (yes, I thought that there were no more items from this issue, but believe it or not there’s more to come).

The supplement is basically an overview of various game publishers and their offerings. Nothing bad is said about anyone or anything. A good way to promote the industry, I guess.

EGM Super Tour ’93, October (PDF, 42.8 MB)

Electronics Boutique October 1993 Catalog

Electronics Boutique October 1993 Catalog

Here’s a nice October 1993 “double” catalog from Electronics Boutique featuring video games on one side, and PC software and accessories on the other. The idea was that once you reached the end of one catalog, you flipped it to read the other section. For PDF readability while somewhat preserving historical accuracy, I rotated the software section 180 degrees, and maintained the page order. If you want to read the software section first, start at the end of the PDF and page-up!

Most likely this catalog came with the November 1993 issue of EGM (a gigantic issue), since they were both in the same plastic bag. There is an off chance that I got this catalog from the store and placed it in the bag myself, but the great condition of the catalog suggests that I didn’t.

I was lucky in that the scan didn’t have too many artifacts (usually the first scan of the day is like this, which makes me think that heat is an issue). I enjoyed browsing through the sections as I reviewed it. By this time the Genesis 2 was out and took the first section, followed by the Sega CD. That’s interesting because I would think that the SNES had taken over number one by then. Perhaps this was part of Sega’s aggressive marketing campaign at the time. Jurassic Park seemed to be everywhere, with the game available on SEVEN different platforms (and that’s just in the video game section, didn’t check the PC section). It was also interesting to see that the Sound Blaster 16 was already out in 1993. My first one came in 1996, and I had always thought it was an up-to-date card at the time.

It’s my pleasure to bring you this catalog today. Enjoy.

Electronics Boutique October 1993 Catalog (PDF, 63.1 MB)

Sony Imagesoft Advertising Supplement (July 1993)

Sony Imagesoft Ad Supplement, July 1993

Tonight’s first museum post is a Sony Imagesoft advertising supplement from the July 1993 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly.

Like some other supplements that I’ve posted here, I never really looked at this one. Sony Imagesoft wasn’t exactly a household name, and games based on movies (which, based on this catalog, seems to be a lot of what Sony Imagesoft was putting out) were usually inferior. Another pristine publication that I kept for over two decades and never looked at, now cut up and posted here for historical purposes.

Sony Imagesoft Advertising Supplement, July 1993 (PDF, 18.1 MB)

The 1991 Video Game Buyer’s Guide (EGM)

The 1991 Video Game Buyer's Guide

Unlike the previously-posted magazine, this 1991 Video Game Buyer’s Guide from EGM is well-worn and tattered; I must have read it from cover to cover multiple times. What a difference a few years makes. At this point in time (approximately December of 1990, based on the “display until” date and the “best of 1990” segment) I was still a little kid in middle school, and video games were probably my number one priority.

Looking at it now, I’d still say that this is a really nice issue. There’s a roundup of all the systems of the time, including a surprisingly scathing review of the Nintendo Game Boy, the originator of portable gaming as we know it today and probably the best-selling console of all time. What really surprises me is that in my memory, the Game Boy was a popular console when I was a kid, and I don’t remember anyone speaking ill of it – on the contrary, it seemed like everybody wanted one. So, that is quite an interesting historical tidbit. Game-wise, there are some well-reviewed Nintendo and TurboGrafx games like Castlevania 3 and Ninja Spirit, and a number of positively-reviewed Genesis shooters. I’ll be checking those out in the coming days.

As you can see from the timestamp of the previous post, this one took a while to scan, with certain pages needing to be re-scanned multiple times. I didn’t see it in the EGM section of Retro CDN (the preview and buyer’s guides are at the bottom), so it was necessary. The quality of this issue makes it worthwhile, and I’m glad it’s finally done.

Exhausted now, so that’s all for tonight. As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed these museum posts.

The 1991 Video Game Buyer’s Guide from EGM (PDF, 124 MB)

Sega Force (July 1993)

Sega Force (July 1993)

The scanning of my EGM supplements continues with this issue of Sega Force from July 1993.

Looking at my own collection as well as the site where I usually find scanned magazines, quite a few Sega Force supplements were published. They didn’t have this particular issue (they did have the other issue that I had, the November 1993 Joe Montana one), so here it is. It’s actually a pretty nice roundup of everything Sega from that time period, and surprisingly the physical issue I had was in pristine shape, appearing as if I never read it. Well, it’s sliced up now and waiting for the recycle bin after almost 24 years. RIP magazine that I probably looked at once and never looked at again.

Barring any scanner artifact issues, there should be more museum posts tonight. Stay tuned.

Sega Force, July 1993 (PDF, 74.1 MB)

EGM 1993 Video Game Preview Guide

EGM 1993 Video Game Preview Guide

Continuing on from the last post, here is the 1993 Video Game Preview Guide from EGM. Interestingly, the summer CES occurred only 5 months after the January one, but this one is the “1993” preview (and correspondingly, likely came with the August 1992 issue of EGM). Most likely, development lead times for games shown at CES were longer than six months.

Speaking of which, at this early juncture, Tails from Sonic 2 was referred to as “Twotails” (not a typo, since it was written twice), the game Ecco the Dolphin was known simply as “Dolphin”, and Vegas Stakes for the SNES was called “Super Vegas Dream”. Noteworthy games with finalized names included Mario Paint, Super Mario Kart, and Streets of Rage II. Definitely an exciting year!

Today was a long day, so this is the final museum post for tonight. Enjoy this pair of preview guides!

EGM 1993 Video Games Preview Guide (PDF, 43.8 MB)