Plight of the Jew

In World War II if you were a Jew,
Then country Germany would be looking for you,
To be gassed in the gas chamber,
Transverse to that never ending slumber,
Known as death, a thing that everyone fears,
And it was fear, that caused all the hate,
The kind that delivered the Jews their fate.

Shipped onto trains, unaware,
Of the pains and the torture they were to fare,
They could’ve been deported but instead,
They were sorted like cattle by their heads.
Women, children, and also men,
Being transported to the gen-
Ocide, cloaked with a coat of relief,
Who knew that the Germans would deceive?

Come with us, they said,
We’ll give you shelter and keep you well fed,
But what they didn’t say was that we’ll make you dead.
So come on over and give me your head,
And then I’ll strip off your clothes and shoot you dead.

Oh no, killing with the bullet is just too slow,
We need to find a quicker way for them to go,
I know, how about with gas?,
It kills ’em really fast,
And we can kill a thousand of them in one blast.

Finally, the war was ended,
But Germany, they were never amended,
The man behind the terror was insanely demented,
And so he died, and many people cried,
But not for him, for the people he killed,
For those innocent Jewish six mil.

The lesson to be learned on this day,
Is that killing and fighting just don’t pay,
War is bad; war is not the way,
Open up your ears and hear me say:
Six million people died in vain,
Don’t ever let it happen, ever again.

The Cloud of Thoughts

A cloud is drifting over my head,
As I lie on my green grass bed,
As it drifts, so do I,
To a far away land I will fly.

I open my eyes and what do I see,
I see things that fill me with glee,
These gleeful things, what could they be
But thoughts that only I could see.

These spirits of my mind float about,
Waiting for me to find a route,
That would make these thoughts come true,
Here I come spirits, I’m coming through!

When I wake up I have this urge,
A sort of energy surge,
That makes me want to jump right up,
And fill my mind that’s like a cup.

So if you ever lie on grass,
Think of me and try to grasp,
That cloud of dreams, that cloud of thoughts,
And fulfill the dream that you have sought.