Magazine Scans

This page contains an index of all the original magazine scans on this site. For convenience, I’ve included links to external sites that also have magazine scans. Note that all dates are cover dates, which were usually ahead by one month (i.e. April issue came in March, etc.).

Quick links: Catalogs & Advertising, DOS Resource Guide, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Game Player’s, GamePro, Sega Visions, Video Games & Computer Entertainment, Video Games

Catalogs & Advertising

1992: Atari Lynx – Grey Matters <link>
Summer 1992: Electronics Boutique <link>

April 1993: Electronics Boutique <link>
June 1993: Electronic Arts EA Sports, Volume 2, Issue 1 <link>

July 1993: Sega Force <link>
July 1993: Sony Imagesoft <link>

October 1993: Egghead Software <link>
October 1993: Electronics Boutique <link>
October 1993: The Unofficial Tournament Gaming Guide, EA Sports <link>

December 1993: Captron G&G Excellent Holiday Catalog <link>
December 1993: Electronic Arts Inside EA Sports, Volume 2, Issue 2 <link>

December 1994: Sega Sports Advertising Supplement <link>

DOS Resource Guide

1992, Number 4 <link>
1992, Number 5 <link>
November 1992, Number 6 <link>
March 1993, Number 8 <link>

Electronic Gaming Monthly

Collection at Retro CDN <external site>

~December 1990: The 1991 Video Game Buyer’s Guide <link>

1992: EGM’s Video Game Accessory Guide <link>
March 1992: 1992 Video Game Preview Guide <link>
~Summer 1992: The 500 Best Video Game Tips of All Time! <link>
August 1992: 1993 Video Game Preview Guide <link>

1993 Subscription Cards <link>

April 1993: Quartermann’s Q-Letter, First Edition <link>
May 1993: Quartermann’s Q-Letter, Second Edition <link>
June 1993: Quartermann’s Q-Letter, Third Edition <link>

July 1993: Quartermann’s Q-Letter, Fourth Edition <link>
July 1993: Official BUBSY Coupon <link>

August 1993: Quartermann’s Q-Letter, Fifth Edition <link>
August 1993: Trickman’s Best Tricks and Tips of 1993! <link>

September 1993: Quartermann’s Q-Letter, Sixth Edition <link>

October 1993: Quartermann’s Q-Letter, Seventh Edition <link>
October 1993: EGM Super Tour ’93 discount card <link>
October 1993: Aero’s “Bat Match” Game promotion <link>
October 1993: EGM Super Tour ’93 booklet <link>
October 1993: Super NES Holiday Shopper’s Guide <link>

November 1993: Quartermann’s Q-Letter, Eighth Edition <link>
November 1993: Subscription card <link>

December 1993: Quartermann’s Q-Letter, Ninth Edition <link>
December 1993: Subscription card <link>
December 1993: Last Issue Subscription Card <link>
December 1993: Hero Match-and-Win card <link>

Game Player’s

Collection at Retro CDN <external site>

January 1991 <link>
February 1991 <link>
March 1991 <link>
June 1991 <link>


Collection at Retro CDN <external site>

~January 1991: Subscription Cards <link>
August 1993: StarFox Flight Manual <link>

Sega Visions

Collection at Retro CDN <external site>

Trading Cards and Survey Stub, June/July 1990 & Fall 1991 <link>
Winter 1990/91 <link>

Video Games & Computer Entertainment

VG&CE collection at Retro CDN <external site>


November 1990 <link>


April 1991 <link>
September 1991 <link>
October 1991 <link>
November 1991 <link>
December 1991 <link>


January 1992 <link>
February 1992 <link>
March 1992 <link>
April 1992 <link>
May 1992 <link>
June 1992 <link>
July 1992 <link>
September 1992 <link>
October 1992 <link>
November 1992 <link>
December 1992 <link>


January 1993 <link>
January 1993: Street Fighter II Special Merchandise Offer <link>

February 1993 <link>
June 1993 (cover only) <link>

Video Games

Video Games collection at Retro CDN <external site>


September 1993 <link>
October 1993 <link>
December 1993 <link>


January 1994 <link>
March 1994 <link>
April 1994 <link>
May 1994 <link>
June 1994 <link>


February 1995 <link>