Ducky - YVR to HKG - June 8, 2010

What is life but an accumulation of fleeting moments? Looking out at the endless sky, I find that the accumulation itself is fleeting. When the final moment comes, I shall return to that darkness from whence I came.

– Ducky

Tim Hortons Souvenirs

At the time of this Adventure 2012 post, I mentioned that it had been 557 days since I enjoyed Tim Hortons, and wondered when the next time would be. Last week, we finally got a chance to return to Canada, and after nearly 4 years (1,444 days), I enjoyed an Iced Capp once again.

Like Adventure 2012, we decided to do a road trip and drive up to Canada. Unlike Adventure 2012, it didn’t seem as enjoyable. Maybe it was something we’ve already done, so the novelty is gone. Maybe we’ve changed these past 4 years. It could also be that we got sick a day into the trip (and are still recovering as of this moment). Or maybe Adventure 2012 really was the adventure of a lifetime, and nothing will ever come close to it again.

Now that we’re on the West Coast, a trip to Tim Hortons is only a short flight away. Until next time, here are some souvenirs I brought back with me.

Tim Hortons Tim Card

Tim Hortons Tim Card

Tim Hortons Tim Card Sleeve

On My Way

Colma BART
Colma BART – June 13, 2007 – 6:33 AM

My first time going to Hong Kong alone, I took the first BART train that arrived and then transferred to an SFO train at Colma. It was an early flight to LAX where I would transfer once again, this time to a Trans-Pacific flight.