Real Love


I was thinking about what real love is.
Real love is love that exists in the real world, not some fairy tale in a storybook.
Real love is love that you see everyday, not that which you only see in a movie.

Real love is working two jobs to pay the bills.
Real love is both coming home tired, but one of us has to cook dinner.
Real love is eating a simple meal together in front of the TV.

Real love is taking turns to clean the toilet.
Real love is taking turns to use the toilet.
Real love is learning to keep down the seat of the toilet.

Real love is doing your own thing in different rooms.
Real love is peeking in to see what they’re doing.
Real love is visiting once in a while to say hello.

Real love is sleeping on your side of the bed.
Real love is getting up before they do, and doing it quietly.
Real love is a kiss on the cheek before leaving for work.

Real love is hard work.
Real love is built, bit by bit, day by day, year by year.
We keep going, hand in hand, good and bad, until the end of time.


So much food in front of me, it looks so good!
One bite after another, filling my stomach.
Stomach is full but the plate is not cleared,
Keep going keep going keep going…

Food is all gone but is it really?
Still in my stomach it is.
Enjoyed the beginning but now is just torture,
Would have been happier to leave it not cleared.

Oh why, oh why, why did I have to overeat?


I see you everyday,
That smile on your face,
Every time you walk my way,
My heart starts to pace,

I know I’m in luck
But my body won’t listen,
Standing here dumbstruck,
I see the chance I’m missin’,

Your hair so fair and you standing there,
I can’t walk and I can’t talk but at least I can stare,
You notice me staring and turn your eyes away,
Little do you know that you’ve just made my day,

To be able to hold you in my arms, I wish,
To be able to say goodnight, and kiss,
To approach you and talk to you, I’m shy,
To be a coward and stand where I am, I ask myself why?

It’s alright though I’ll see you again,
I’ll work on my courage and ask you out then,
But for now I’ll sit here patiently with no rush,
Waiting for the next time I see my crush.

No title for now

(Try reading out loud)

I lay down in my bed,
And try to close my eyes,
But pictures of you in my head,
I look up at the sky…

The sky so dark with a bright shiny moon,
How I wish to be, to be with you soon,
I never knew I’d feel like this,
Never knew you’d be the one I miss,
Now that you’re gone I’ll never sleep,
I try not to cry but I can’t help but weep,

When you were here I never cared,
When you went away I wasn’t prepared,
I wish I could tell you the feelings in my heart,
Why is it that I can only tell you when we’re apart,
That you’re the one I’ll want forever,
That you’re the one I’ll always treasure,

In the end I know that it’s too late,
That I squandered my chance and sealed my fate,
I regret what I’ve done and I want you to know,
I want you to know that I’m sorry so.

No title

Thinkin’ bout the times we had,
Makes me feel all lonely and sad,
Thinkin’ of a wish that I could make,
I think of a wish to make my heart unbreak.

As I sit here alone, the candle burning bright,
My mind recalls your touching light,
You and me we made it right,
Together again, I wish we might.

Away you went leaving me alone,
We never reaped the seeds we’d sown,
Our love it wilted like a dying flower,
The pain in my heart grows more with each hour.

It’s too late now forever you’re gone,
Somehow I know I’ll have to go on,
And yet I feel a tug at my heart,
For I never thought that we would part.

Our Second Poem

We broke up, thinking it was right,
Then tell me why I can’t sleep at night,
I thought we’d be better being apart,
But now I can feel it in my heart,

It keeps tugging at me to tell you,
That you’re on my mind and I miss you,
But I don’t and I can’t coz I fear what will happen,
We’ll fight and we’ll argue and I’ll be saddened,

Not like I’m not already sad,
I just sit here and think of what we had,
I want to cry and expunge my sorrow,
Maybe I’ll feel better come tomorrow,

But if I see you then I know,
That the pain in my heart will even more grow,
Coz I know it’s you I really want,
And it hurts imagining how you no longer want,

Me my love my heart nor my affection,
I know I tried too hard to gain perfection,
I wish you’d tell me that you forgive me,
And that you too wish you could be back with me,

But I don’t know how to end this rhyme,
I could go on ’til the end of time,
About how I miss my baby and her touch,
And how I love her oh so much,
I’ll break the trend and add more lines,
And finish this poem with a great big sigh.


I Lie Here

I lie here and think to myself,
Thinking what it’d be like if you,
Knew the way I feel and felt it too.

I lie here and think to myself,
What it’d be like if I could be,
Could just be with you and you with me.

I lie here and think to myself,
If I could get a single kiss,
In heaven I’d be in pure bliss.

I lie here and think to myself,
What to do ‘coz I’m so alone,
Can’t you see how much my love has grown?

I lie here and think to myself,
How all of a sudden I feel,
I never thought it could be so real.

I lie here and think to myself,
That when I fall and start to dream,
I will only dream of you with me.

I lie here and think, and fall…

The Picture in the Frame

The picture in the frame, it seems alive.
You can almost hear the laughter, almost feel the happiness within those smiles.
You can almost smell the smells, almost hear the sounds.

The picture in the frame, it is one moment in time captured, forever.
Seeing into the picture you can relive that moment.
You can experience it once again.

I see this picture and remember what once was, but no longer.
For a time, I hear the laughs, taste the smells, and experience.
Then the picture in the frame becomes the picture in the frame again.

The picture says so much about what has happened, and what has not happened.
It makes me cry, it makes me laugh, it makes me feel so much.
The picture says what a thousand words cannot.

The picture in the frame, it seems alive.
When I turn off the light, the life drains away with the laughter, the smiles.
I no longer smell, I no longer hear, I no longer feel.

The picture in the frame, it will live again.

My Eyes, His Eyes

I wonder what it’s like, seeing through his eyes;
Is there a struggle, can he hear me.
I had a thought, I pryed open his eyes,
And even though he couldn’t see me, he saw me.

Then he struggled, and my heart jumped.
He tried to talk, but wait;
Why can’t I talk?
I keep trying but my lips do not respond.

What about my hands; I want to move my hands.
Why can’t I move my hands.
I have to;
I just have to.

A tear falls from his eyes, for he knows he is helpless.
The word is a cacophony in his mind.
But that tear, a lifetime of words, in a second of time.

When it falls, it falls.

I feel such pain.
I have tried so hard.
He is leaving. He is leaving.

Come back.
There is something I need to tell you.

He lies there,
In my eyes, in his eyes.