Gran Turismo 5 Update

Had a couple of sessions over the past two days and finished the Tuned Car Championship. I again had trouble against the Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo. That is one fast car. Eventually, I gave up trying to beat that car with the M3, and went to my trusty old Dodge Challenger SRT8 ’08 instead. I’d used that car to beat many races previously, and it was already maxed out with mods, with 784HP. Here are the race results:

Suzuka Circuit 11:08.120 (won by .788)

Grand Valley Speedway 10:16.386 (2nd place, lost by 09.202 and reached Level 21)
Grand Valley Speedway 9:58.069 (2nd place, lost by 04.384 after adjusting max speed to 224 from 255, and adding the adjustable LSD mod to help with braking)
Grand Valley Speedway 10:00.231 (won by 03.725, got lucky this time as the S2000 was not in this race)

Special Stage Route 5 7:34.844 (won by 06.051 after restoring max speed to 255)

Tokyo R246 9:03.854 (2nd place, lost by 06.721 after adjusting max speed to 236)

After switching to the Challenger:

Tokyo R246 8:43.516 (beat the S2000 by 01.668)

And finally, the Championship with all 5 races:

Suzuka Circuit 10:46.804 (won by 01.794)
Road Course – Daytona 9:03.196 (won by 19.629)
Grand Valley Speedway 9:44.590 (won by 03.066, reached Level 22)
Special Stage Route 5 7:23.717 (won by 03.393)
Tokyo R246 8:44.733 (won by 01.635)

Here’s a photo of my Challenger after getting pushed off the track and hitting a wall with the rear end (click to view larger version):

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5 – Dodge Challenger

A Race at a Time

Only had time to complete one race today: the Road-Course Daytona race of the Tuned Car Championship in the Expert Series. I attempted to use a near-stock BMW M3 Chrome Line to win this race, and failed miserably. I made 10th place, with a time of 10:24.618. In the past, I had won races rather easily with the M3, so when I chose it this evening it didn’t occur to me that it hadn’t really been “tuned”. I had a sports exhaust, some intake modifications, and medium sports tires.

After I realized this I maxed out the mods, including the 3 stages of engine tuning and racing tires. I won the race, but not without fighting for 1st place in the last couple of laps against an S2000 GT1 Turbo. I won with a time of 9:35.411, just .735 ahead of the S2000.

June 18th, 2000 – II

Wanna Play?

I finally finished the “Wanna Play” logo. What do you think? =)

I think I’m just gonna add my random thoughts to this webpage. In life there aren’t a lot of ways in which we can voice our opinions for everybody to hear. The internet is a great way for people to let other people know what they think and feel. I decided to add this because I was thinking how people don’t truly appreciate something until they lose it. We always have something in the palm of our hands, but we take advantage of it instead of treasure it, and finally, it’s gone and we regret. Why not just cherish it and try to keep it there in the first place? I’m sure you all have something like this happen to you. Well, that’s my random thought for today.

Playstation X!

Playstation X!

A Blip Bar

The Playstation Console

The Playstation Console

Awww yeah, it’s my personal Playstation page. Here, I’m not gonna go into all the details like hardware specs or go into any system war issues. Rather, I’m going to rant about my current favorite games and give you people some tips, insights, etc. Take a look around and enjoy yourself!

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Street Fighter Alpha 2

One of my most favorite games of all time for the Playstation is Street Fighter Zero 2 by Capcom. Of all the games I own for PS, I’ve probably played this one the most. So who’s my favorite character? Well, I like using a bunch of ’em, but my best characters are Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Birdie.

My best kick-ass characters

My best kick-ass characters

I don’t know why, but it just seems like that I can never get bored of this game. There’ll be times when I play it so much that I throw it off to the side, and then a couple of weeks later I’ll pick it up again and start playing. Maybe it’s because this game has great graphics, excellent sound, and all the elements of the arcade game translated perfectly. No, I’m not trying to kiss ass, this game really is that good.

Some screenshots:

Street Fighter Zero 2 Street Fighter Zero 2

Street Fighter Zero 2 Super Akuma

You’ve probably been waiting for me to reveal some tricks and codes – well here is the code for Super Akuma aka Super Gouki:

Step 1:
Highlight Akuma and hold down the select button.

Step 2:
Press this sequence on the D-pad: D,R,R,D,L,D,L,D,R,R,R

The character highlight should be back at Akuma – at this point do not release the select button. Wait until Akuma changes color, press a button, and then release select. You are now Super Gouki!!!

(Note: For SFA2 Gold, all you have to do is hit “start” when Akuma is highlighted)

Well that’s all for now for Street Fighter, but I will add some more later. Other games currently planned to appear here: Wipeout XL, World Stadium EX, and NBA in the Zone 2. See ya later!

Wipeout XL

Wipeout XL

Street Fighter!

Since I know you’ve all played this game before, I won’t rant about what a great game this is blah blah blah since you all know already. Then what is this page about? Actually you might call this a Guile page coz I am a big fan of Guile and, as I have to modestly say, a pretty skilled user of Guile… hahahah yeah right! But anyways, here you can see all of Guile’s special moves as well as some tips, combos, and bugs (do the freeze, handcuff, and invisible throw ring a bell?). Alright, let’s start off with some basics.

Sonic Boom – yeah, as if you didn’t know how to do this. For all you beginners out there, hold back for 2 seconds, then towards and any punch button. The strength of the button determines the speed of the sonic boom. Timing is critical and if you get the timing right, you’ll see a nice sonic boom like that in the picture.

Sonic Kick – alright, this is starting to sound like kindergarten, but remember, you can’t expect everyone to know. So for all you newbies out there, here’s how you do the sonic kick: hold down for 2 seconds, then up and any kick button. Once again, the strength of the button determines the height and range of the sonic kick.

After those basic moves we have the throws. Guile has ground throws as well as air throws. To do a throw, approach an opponent, hold left or right, and press either the strong button for a neck throw, or fierce for a suplex. To illustrate the neck throw, I utilized my Photoshop skills. Nice, huh?

Air Throw/Back Breaker:

In the air, hold left or right, tap strong or fierce/forward or roundhouse. Sorry about the semi-obscene pic of Guile and Chun-Li. 😉

Now that we’ve gone through the basics, let’s go through some more advanced stuff. Ever heard of the mystical glue, invisible throw, or freeze? What about the bug that causes the game to crash? If you’re think these are just rumors, think again. Take a look at these screenshots.

Crash bug

This bug causes the game to crash.


Ken is glued to Guile


Vega can’t touch a frozen Guile.

Invisible Throw

See it in action!

As you can see, these tricks are indeed real and can be done. In the future expect to see the button combos you need to do to activate these tricks. For now, enjoy the animated gif of the invisible throw. Just click on the picture and watch!