75 Gallon Grassland

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an Aquariums post (almost a year and a half), but I chanced upon this video the other day and thought it’d be worthwhile to post, so here it is. This is from the beginnings of the 75-gallon planted tank at work; originally, the tank was meant for an Oscar, but I wasn’t able to keep it alive so I opted to consolidate and put all my other fish and plants into it instead. As you can see, the tape-grass (Vallisneria spiralis) is sparse at this point, but later on it filled in the tank pretty well.

Video was taken over six years ago, on April 16, 2010.

29 Gallon Work Tank

I’ve been seeing a lot of this tank in my desktop slideshow so I figured it was time I kept my promise from this other post.

As I mentioned in that other post, I kept this relatively small tank at work after I was no longer allowed to keep the 50 or the 75. In retrospect, it was pretty awesome that I was allowed to keep fish tanks in the office at all in the first place. Unlike those other large tanks, I kept this one right next to my desk, so whenever I needed a break from staring at a bunch of monitors all I had to do was swivel right. If I needed even more of a break, I could grab my bucket and do a quick water change.

In terms of balancing maintenance and viewability, the 29 gallon tall might just be the sweet spot. Once I’ve settled down back in the U.S., I will strongly consider getting another one.

Hope you enjoy these photos.

29 Gallon Work Tank
The firemouth in his cave. He’s always renovating (digging).
29 Gallon Work Tank
Common guppies and rummy-nose tetras round out the short list of inhabitants.
29 Gallon Work Tank
Sometimes the tetras use the cave, too.
29 Gallon Work Tank
Like a squadron of fighters…
29 Gallon Work Tank
The tank during one of its cleaner stages with plants nicely trimmed and glass free of algae.
29 Gallon Work Tank
Closeup of one of the two common guppies.
29 Gallon Work Tank
They are hovering at 90 degrees to one another.
29 Gallon Work Tank
Tetras with Java Moss in the background.
29 Gallon Work Tank
Another nice photo of the entire tank. I don’t remember why I left it partially unfilled.
29 Gallon Work Tank
After a hard week, I might sometimes skip a tank cleaning and let nature take its course.
29 Gallon Work Tank
Up close with a rummy-nose.

Hello There

Freddy the Plecostomus – April 14, 2004

By sheer coincidence this photo showed up in my desktop slideshow almost exactly eleven years to the day that it was taken. As I mentioned in this post, I was once really into the aquarium hobby, at one point even setting up my bed next to my tank.

This photo was taken before bed, in bed. “Freddy” was the first fish that I named. I got him when he was a couple of inches long, and he grew to about a foot before I had to give him away (I think I was moving out, but don’t remember exactly). Subsequent plecos I’ve kept have used some variation of the original name, i.e. “Freddy Junior” or “Freddy the 3rd”.

If I ever get another plecostomous in the future, I will continue the tradition of naming it Freddy.

Congo Tetra

Congo Tetra from Sunshine Aquarium
Congo tetra, Sunshine Aquarium – September 23, 2012

I’ve had my desktop slideshow set to Tokyo 2012 for a while now, but still haven’t gotten sick of it. Maybe I’m feeling the urge to travel again because someone I know is visiting Tokyo soon. Anyhow, this one is from when we went to Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro.