Lihit Lab Carrying Pouch B5

The second post tonight is the packaging from a Lihit Lab Carrying Pouch B5. I first eyed these a few years ago in San Francisco’s Japantown, a sleek little bag that I could use to carry my Nexus 10 around. At the time I wasn’t working so I didn’t splurge (as an import, they were somewhat overpriced). Plus, I didn’t really need a bag for my tablet anyway, as I never carried it around, using it only in bed.

As I alluded to in the previous post, I haven’t been that happy lately. A lot of it has to do with my job, or maybe work itself. Some of it might be the continuation of my midlife crisis. Being so unhappy, my mind is always churning trying to figure out why, and how I can make myself feel better. Perhaps there are some fundamental values, beliefs, and/or thought processes that lead me to feel this way. How would I go about changing them?

Then there’s also my ailing memory. Most days I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast. I need to write that shit down, something I’d been doing nearly every day for the past 7 years. In February, I stopped. This is the longest I’ve gone without writing a journal since starting 7 years ago.

One thing I thought was that perhaps I take work too seriously. I don’t particularly like my job, or the company I work for. It’s just a means to pay the bills. And yet I still go full speed, back to my overachieving ways, tiring myself out at the end of the day. It’s not a goal of mine. I want to spend my time on things that are valuable to me, but I can’t do that if I’m exhausted.

So a shift in focus is required. Self-care is required. Self-talk is required. The best way to write down my thoughts is still with a keyboard. Maybe something I can carry around easily? Yes, definitely. I want to travel light.

Enter this little 11.3-inch laptop that I’m using now to type this on. It will actually fit on my lap when I’m on the bus. I can write out all my thoughts before and after work, telling myself that it’s ok to take my time, that I don’t need to impress anybody, that this is my life now. Existential crisis. Depression. Disillusionment. Aging. Anything bigger would be too uncomfortable. It only cost a couple of hundred US dollars, and fits perfectly in the bag.

After all these years, I finally got it. The packaging always appealed to me. I’d pick up the bag in Japantown, imagine myself going around with my tablet, writing down my thoughts, reading my PDFs. But that never happened. Now, I get another chance. This is something that makes me happy.

Lihit Lab Carrying Pouch B5

HKD$218.00 ≈ USD$27.95

Lihit Lab Carrying Pouch B5

A price tag on the back, too?! Come on CN Square…

Lihit Lab Carrying Pouch B5

Shoulder belt included – not so back in Japantown

Lihit Lab Carrying Pouch B5

Made in Vietnam

Lihit Lab Carrying Pouch B5

Cordura, oooooooh

Lihit Lab Carrying Pouch B5

Designed for living

It’s kind of late now, maybe I’ll post a photo of the bag later. My original intention was just to save the labels, not dump a bunch of stuff from my head. See ya.

Lebon’s 10 Common Cocktails

A couple of things to post tonight after having both milk tea and coffee today (hello caffeine!!!)… first is a brochure from Lebon International, apparently a dealer in spirits. A couple of my coworkers chipped in to buy me a bottle of Macallan as a parting gift on their second-to-last day. The bottle came in a Lebon-branded bag and this brochure was inside.

The name of the company is interesting. Both JC and I thought of that famous basketball player. Maybe they didn’t want to invite lawsuits so they dropped a letter. Or maybe it’s French and they want to sound snobby?

I will probably post the Macallan later when I open it. Lately I’ve been drinking mostly as an escape, and I don’t want to do that for this beautiful and unexpected gift. Since moving back to Hong Kong I haven’t had a single drop of single malt, and I want to save this for a happy time.

For now, here’s a brochure from Lebon International: 10 common cocktails.

Lebon International's 10 Common Cocktails

Lebon International's 10 Common Cocktails

Sega CD Boot Up Ver. 2.00

The thing I remember about the Model 2 Sega CD is seeing it at a middle-school friend’s house. Since I already had the original, I wasn’t too impressed or interested in the second model. The flip drive lid was definitely not as cool as the slide-out tray of my model 1. My friend played Sewer Shark and Tomcat Alley and I couldn’t understand how he had so much fun. FMV games were not my thing.

Recently I chanced upon the Model 2 BIOS. Like I will sometimes do with version 1.10, I left 2.00 running while I did other things. The tune is catchy in its own way, and I think I can see the humor or intent of the person behind the animation sequence.

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