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In 2012 we traveled all over, visiting 19 cities in 6 countries, eventually circling the globe and getting back to where we started. This page provides an overall start-to-finish timeline to Adventure 2012.

Quick Links

  1. Hong Kong – May 21 to June 10
  2. Hong Kong – August 26 to September 17
  3. Tokyo – September 17 to September 26
  4. Hong Kong – September 26 to October 2
  5. London – October 2 to October 4
  6. Paris – October 4 to October 9
  7. London – October 9 to October 18
  8. Aberdeen – October 18 to October 21
  9. London – October 22 to October 23
  10. New York City – October 23 to October 31
  11. Cross-Country Road Trip – October 31 to November 14

Hong Kong, China I – May 21 to June 10

Hong Kong Sunset

Hong Kong Sunset – June 1, 2012

The first stop of Adventure 2012, also the first time visiting Hong Kong in a couple of years. This segment was less adventure and more rest and relaxation after ending a 7-year job. At this point we had not decided to travel around the world yet.

Plane ride and arrival: Flying Over Alaska
Plane ride and arrival: Turbulence
Plane ride and arrival: 24
Plane ride and arrival: Conversation

Eating: How to say beef rib in Chinese
Eating: Eating in Hong Kong, Day One (and a Third)
Eating: Today’s Lunch
Eating: Homecooked meal, 5-27-12
Eating: Tonight’s Dinners
Eating: Recent Hong Kong Meals
Eating: Eating Outdoor Street Food Indoors

Random: A Different World
Random: Urban Jungle Wildlife
Random: Good morning
Random: WD Elements 1 TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive
Random: Sega Mega Drive Original Box
Random: WTF McDonald’s commercial
Random: A Unique Opportunity
Random: Believe in Our Dreams

Recaps: One Week Recap
Recaps: Second Week Recap
Recaps: Noticing the Differences (Final Recap)

Hong Kong, China II – August 26 to September 17

Hong Kong Mong Kok Shantung Street

Shantung Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong – September 3, 2012

After spending the summer in San Francisco, we were once again back in Hong Kong. This segment ended up being also largely spent relaxing and enjoying Hong Kong, but we did spend some time exploring and learning more about moving here. Originally, this was supposed to be our official, permanent move to Hong Kong (we even bought one-way tickets). Only after some life-changing events occurred in the summer did we decide to change our plans and travel around the world.

Good Morning
Take a Hike
One Week Stream of Consciousness
Best Hope for Mankind?
Two Weeks In, My Hopes and Dreams

Tokyo, Japan – September 17-26

Tokyo Akihabara

Tokyo Akihabara – September 19, 2012

The third stop of Adventure 2012 was Tokyo, Japan. It was my first visit to the country (not counting stopovers). After deciding to circle the world, this was the only time that we traveled eastward.

I posted updates to Tokyo in semi-real-time, so dates here may not match posts. Some posts contain multiple days and I’ve tried to match them up as closely as possible. I labeled each date with that day’s highlight.

September 17: Arrival in Tokyo (Man the Internet is Fast!)
September 18: Under the Weather and Recovering (Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood)
September 19: Akihabara (Making Out Like a Bandit)
September 20: River Cruise to Odaiba (See Finishing Up Tokyo)
September 21: Baseball Game
September 22: Tokyo Game Show (See Finishing Up Tokyo)
September 23: Ikebukuro
September 23: Cat’s House Nekobukuro
September 23: Sunshine Aquarium
September 23: Sunshine 60 Observatory, Final Thoughts on Ikebukuro

September 24: Odaiba Again (See Finishing Up Tokyo)
September 25: Yakitori (See Eating in Tokyo)
September 26: Goodbye Tokyo (See Finishing Up Tokyo)

Favorite Japanese TV Commercials
Eating in Tokyo
I Love Sega
Finishing Up Tokyo

Hong Kong, China III – September 26 to October 2

Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong

Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong – September 30, 2012

This segment was mostly family-oriented, including a wedding on the 29th.

September 26: Back in Hong Kong
September 27: Visiting Granny
September 28: Family Dinner (and then Feeling Robbed)
September 29: Wedding
September 30: Dimsum and pizza feast with family
October 1: Baby shower
October 2: Leaving for London

London, England – October 2-4

London Buses on Praed Street

London buses on Praed Street – October 4, 2012

Our first time in Europe, we flew into London first en route to Paris.

October 2: Arriving in London for the First Time
October 3: Recovery in London
October 4: London, Day 3 – Off to Paris

Paris, France – October 4-9

Eiffel Tower at Night

The Eiffel Tower at night – October 8, 2012

October 4: Our First Day in Paris
October 5: Paris, Day 2 – Chinatown, Eiffel, Seine, Champs-Élysées
October 6: Paris, Day 3 – Saint Chapelle, Notre Dame
October 7: Paris, Day 4 – Walking, Pâtisseries, and the Louvre
October 8: Paris, Day 5 – Eiffel, Aquarium, Ramen, Eiffel Again
October 8: Aquarium de Paris Photo Gallery
October 9: Our Last Day in Paris
October 9: Our Last Day in Paris – Revisited

London, England – October 9-18

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace – October 18, 2012

October 9: London, Day 4 – Back from Paris
October 10: London, Day 5 – Chinatown, West End Walking, Pub Dinner
October 11: London, Day 6 – Aquarium
October 12: London, Day 7 – British Museum
October 13: London, Day 8 – Rest and Relaxation
October 14: London, Day 9 – Too Smart for the Lift

October 15: London, Day 10 – Transport Museum
October 16: London, Day 11 – Crystal Palace Park
October 17: London, Day 12 – Football, Michael Jackson, Bad News
October 18: London, Day 13 – Packing, Buckingham Palace

Aberdeen, Scotland – October 18-21

Sunset, Aberdeen, Scotland

Sunset in Aberdeen – October 20, 2012

October 18-19: To Aberdeen, Scotland
October 19: On the Road to Glenfiddich
October 19: Visiting the Glenfiddich Distillery
October 20: Scotland Rest Day
October 21: Our Last Day in Scotland
October 21: Whisky Leaving Scotland

Scotland Souvenirs

London, England – October 22-23

World of Whiskies, London Heathrow

Awaiting departure at Heathrow – October 23, 2012

A couple of days in London once more before flying back to the United States.

October 22-23: Goodbye London, Goodbye Europe

New York City, United States – October 23-31

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir - Central Park, New York

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir – Central Park – October 27, 2012

My first-ever visit to New York City, just in time for Hurricane Sandy.

October 23-24: New York City, Arrival and First Day
October 25: New York, Day 2 – Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Chinatown
October 26: New York, Day 3 – 9/11 Memorial, Friday Night In
October 27: New York, Day 4 – Central Park
October 28-31: New York, Days 5 to 8 – Superstorm Sandy

Cross-Country Road Trip, United States – October 31 to November 14

Cross Country Road Trip

Coast to coast

October 31: Day 1 – Cortland, NY
October 31: Upstate New York, Where Old Arcade Machines Go to Retire?
November 1: Day 2 – Niagara Falls, ON
November 2: Day 3 – Farmington Hills, MI
November 3: Day 4 – Chicago, IL
November 4: Day 5 – Rochester, MN

November 5: Day 6 – Mitchell, SD
November 6: Day 7 – Badlands National Park; Rapid City, SD
November 7: Day 8 – Mount Rushmore; Casper, WY
November 8: Day 9 – Rock Springs, WY
November 9: Day 10 – Richfield, UT
November 10: Day 11 – Las Vegas, NV
November 11: Day 12 – Santa Monica, CA

November 12: Day 13 – San Luis Obispo, CA
November 13: Day 14 – San Francisco, CA
November 14: Day 15 – Last Day

Post-Adventure Thoughts

November 20: Back to Basics
December 11: What You Should Be Doing, Part 1
December 12: What You Should Be Doing, Part 2

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