Lebon’s 10 Common Cocktails

A couple of things to post tonight after having both milk tea and coffee today (hello caffeine!!!)… first is a brochure from Lebon International, apparently a dealer in spirits. A couple of my coworkers chipped in to buy me a bottle of Macallan as a parting gift on their second-to-last day. The bottle came in a Lebon-branded bag and this brochure was inside.

The name of the company is interesting. Both JC and I thought of that famous basketball player. Maybe they didn’t want to invite lawsuits so they dropped a letter. Or maybe it’s French and they want to sound snobby?

I will probably post the Macallan later when I open it. Lately I’ve been drinking mostly as an escape, and I don’t want to do that for this beautiful and unexpected gift. Since moving back to Hong Kong I haven’t had a single drop of single malt, and I want to save this for a happy time.

For now, here’s a brochure from Lebon International: 10 common cocktails.

Lebon International's 10 Common Cocktails

Lebon International's 10 Common Cocktails

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