Super Punch Out!!

Super Punch Out!! SNES Box

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I don’t want to forget Super Punch Out, so I am writing this down. I remember getting this game my senior year of high school, from Toys”R”Us in San Francisco. It was the one in that little mall thing on Brannan Street. In my mind there is a glimpse of the box, and a sunny day. That’s all I remember.

Senior year of high school seemed to be a good time for SNES games. I also remember getting Star Trek Starfleet Academy from the game store in Stonestown, I think after school, near the end of the school year. It was so cool putting the game in the SNES and flying starships. I probably haven’t played the game once since then.

Back to Super Punch Out though. Later, after I played it for a while, I copied it with my game copier and then either traded it in at Electronics Boutique or Software ETC or some other store, or I sold it on the internet via Usenet. If I dig through the old files from the 486, I might be able to find a post or list. It’s crazy how we used to just exchange personal contact information so easily on the internet, even sending checks or cash in the mail. Those were innocent times.

Well, I dug around my files but couldn’t find anything that might definitively explain what happened to the game. This is the first time in over 3 months that I’ve posted something here, and the first time in who knows how long that I’ve actually written something. I may or may not explain the hiatus, but for now it’s good to be back. See you later.

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