Nintendo Power Super Power Club

Found a few more old gaming things stashed away, so putting them in the museum. This first one is another Nintendo Power brochure, GP-SNS-USA-1, most likely included with my Super Nintendo. From the blue shoulder bag I found a receipt for when my mother originally purchased the system on October 4, 1992, so this brochure must be from that period.

The strange thing is that I already scanned another Nintendo brochure with the code GP-SNS-USA-1. How did Nintendo classify their posters? Maybe this code only applies to brochures that features the term “Super Power”.

Lastly, I found this brochure inside my old Game Boy box along with some other miscellaneous things that I stuffed in there. Due to its location in the pile, I do not believe it came with the Game Boy.

As always, I hope you enjoy this museum post.

Nintendo Power Super Power Club
Whoa! was meant to be the first page; It’s Scary!, the last.
Nintendo Power Super Power Club
Opening up the brochure reveals a free Player’s Guide offer.
Nintendo Power Super Power Club
And finally, the full page promotion.

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