Video Games, May 1994 Issue

Video Games Magazine - May 1994

This post originally completed on May 7, 2017 at 1:47 AM

Tonight’s scan of the May 1994 issue of Video Games is somewhat momentous: this is the last magazine in the “easy” stack that I had set aside a couple of months ago, the staple-bound volumes that could be easily taken apart for scanning. Fortunately, the bulk of the scanning was with these issues. Most of my glued, non-stapled magazines comprised of Electronic Gaming Monthly, the majority of which were already scanned by others and made available online.

Now, the few issues I have left are special issues (like the October 1992 Sonic 2 Hologram Video Games & Computer Entertainment), or the few glue-bound magazines that I couldn’t find copies of online. As I mentioned in one of this week’s posts, I’m getting tired of doing all this, and getting tired of still being stuck in the past (or, at least, still having so many things from the past taking up space). I’m eager to move forward, which means that I’ll probably be taking apart and scanning the holographic issue. For the glued ones, maybe I’ll use some kitchen shears to cut them for the sheet-feeder.

But first, back to this issue. Highlights for me include a response from editor Chris Gore to an opportunistic politician’s posturing on video game violence (talk about getting owned), an interesting editorial regarding backwards compatibility (which we now know is not a priority for console manufacturers), and a couple of highly-rated Sega CD games. About 75% of the magazine needed to be re-scanned, and it got so frustrating that I decided to stop and come back the next day (I usually do everything in one sitting). Seems somewhat appropriate for this scanning milestone, a final slap in the face before it’s all said and done. In the end, I hope it’s all worth it, and that people will enjoy these pieces of video game history. Thanks for reading!

Video Games, May 1994 (PDF, 154 MB)

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