Video Games & Computer Entertainment, November 1990 Issue

Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine - November 1990

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This final magazine scan of the day is the November 1990 issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment.

Coming in at 228 pages, this was one huge issue (I don’t think any of the previous scans even broke 200). Because of its size, glue was used to bind the magazine instead of the usual staples found in all the other VG&CEs that I’ve done. And because it was so large, I couldn’t use kitchen shears to unbind it like I did with Game Player’s. No, I had to use JC’s hairdryer, which worked for the first 150 pages or so. After that, I saw a green flash, and JC’s dryer that she bought when we first moved to Hong Kong ended its life (correction: it was just a fail-safe, it came back to life later). For the final pages, I reverted to the kitchen shears, which worked well.

I don’t remember how I came about this issue, but apparently I am at least the third owner. In its pages were markings from the previous owners and also their names written on the subscription forms (now blanked out). I only recognized one of them, a sleazy guy that used to pick on me all the time. He, along with another guy who was supposed to be my friend, would make prank calls to my home, making strange noises and racist Chinese sounds, scaring my family (as I’ve mentioned before, we were relatively sheltered, coming from our particular demographic in Hong Kong). In the end, we changed our phone number, I graduated middle school and went to a prestigious high school, and I never heard from those kids again. It is interesting and sad that I still remember this. I hope that in my own life, I haven’t done too many bad things that people still remember me for after almost 30 years.

Possibly why the magazine is so large is that there’s an entire section of the magazine dedicated to the Sega Genesis, inside of which is a detailed guide to Populous, one of my favorite games of all time. It wasn’t quite Christmas yet but perhaps Sega wanted a big push for the 1990 holiday season. Genesis was definitely hitting its stride, having just finished its first year on the market. Those were fun times indeed.

Video Games & Computer Entertainment, November 1990 (PDF, 324 MB)

One thought on “Video Games & Computer Entertainment, November 1990 Issue”

  1. Was reading one of my old issues of Video Games and Computer Entertainment (Nov 1990, Elvira on the cover), came across this little joyful nugget in an article about video game controllers (authors Bill Kunkel and Joyce Worley, both since deceased ;'[   )  

    not typing out the whole thing, but the relevant text for fans of the Atari 5200….

    Between the game and the gamer stands the controller…… inadequate controller can sabotage the best hardware in the world.  Want proof?  Ask an old-time gamer about the Atari 5200.

    The Atari 5200 was Atari’s long-awaited, vaunted followup to the 2600……..and (included) one of the most ineptly designed joystick controllers in history.  The only place you’re likely to find a 5200 today is in an electronic-gaming museum, while the system it was designed to replace, 2600, continues to sell……

    Envisioning the  2020 retro gaming community, in 1990, was clearly beyond the scope of this article.  ;’]

    Loved this magazine, and its so fun to re-read the style and content of early game journalism, even when they get stuff “wrong”.

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