Game Player’s, June 1991 Issue

Game Player's Magazine - June 1991

This late-night edition of magazine scans features the June 1991 issue of Game Player’s.

I have a few of these magazines from the time I signed up for a promotional, free 3-month subscription. It might even have been an offer from the magazine itself, but I don’t remember. This June issue is actually separate, either bought from the store or from another single-issue promotion.

If I recall correctly, I actually quite enjoyed Game Player’s, but looking at it now, I couldn’t tell you exactly why. It seems to be positioned between VG&CE and EGM, not as serious as the former, but also not as sensationalist as the latter. I remember liking the format, but looking at it now the type is rather large, which I suppose is great for kids. Granted, I was just finishing middle school at that time. Speaking of format, you may notice that a lot of pages are slanted; that’s from the actual magazine, and not the scanner. The last 25% of the magazine was murder, requiring re-scans for every single page.

Lastly, there is a version of this issue at Retro CDN, but there are some errors in the PDF such as page size mismatches and missing pages (replaced by duplicates from further in the magazine, e.g. page 45 appearing where page 3 should be). At this point, the fewer magazines I scan, the better. I only have a few left, which makes it the more difficult. It’s always like this for me, whether it’s near the end of a race, a school project, or something at work. The final stretch is always the hardest because I’ve already done the bulk of the work, it’s “good enough”, and I’m ready to quit. Just have to keep doing!

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post.

Game Player’s, June 1991 (PDF, 129 MB)

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