Game Player’s, January 1991 Issue

Game Player's Magazine - January 1991

This post originally completed on May 21, 2017 at 5:00 PM

This is my very last issue of Game Player’s magazine, from January 1991. In my eagerness to scan everything, I went backwards for Game Player’s, starting with June 1991, and now working back to the first month of that year.

In the post for the February issue I mentioned Wing Commander being one of the iconic games that appeared. While that was merely an appearance, this January issue features an in-depth, multi-page look at the game. Very nice indeed. Other notables include Race and Hard Drivin’, Road Blasters, Paperboy, and Sword of Vermilion. Hardware-wise, there’s an introduction to an interesting product: the Konami Laserscope.

In the June 1991 scan, I mentioned subscribing to an introductory 3-month offer, but when I look at my collection (the 4 scanned here and the ones available on Retro CDN), I find that I may have been mistaken. But then, I do remember something about a 3-month offer. Is it possible that I subscribed to two different offers, perhaps using a relative’s name? Pages 11 and 12 are missing a corner in this issue – could that have been the coupon? (And BTW, I apologize for the missing chunk in this magazine, and the one other that I forgot to mention). Perhaps the offer was a 6-month offer. Or maybe the 3-month offer was for another magazine, like Next Generation. Damn this thing called aging.

Regardless of what happened, I enjoyed this little brief excursion with Game Player’s after spending so much time with EGM and VG&CE. I hope you did, too.

Game Player’s, January 1991 (PDF, 132 MB)

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