Emporium Capwell Locator Tag (1991)

Here’s an interesting relic from the past, a locator tag from Emporium Capwell, a San Francisco department store that closed in 1995. The tag was for our 27-inch Toshiba CF2767 TV, which I sold via craigslist in the early 2000s. I don’t know if the date on the tag is the date that we got the TV, but prior to the 27-inch we had a Sharp 19-incher with a faux wood veneer, our first TV. I played a lot of Master System and Genesis games on that TV, which later became our kitchen TV. I don’t know if it’s interesting or sad, but in our tiny 1-bedroom apartment, we ultimately had 3 TVs: the 27-incher in the bedroom, the Sharp in the kitchen, and a 32-inch XBR in the living room. We must have really loved watching TV.

Emporium Capwell Locator Tag

Emporium Capwell Locator Tag

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