Video Games, September 1993 Issue

Video Games Magazine - September 1993

Here’s the first ever issue of Video Games magazine (September 1993), abruptly changed from the final Video Games & Computer Entertainment from August.

In a previous post I had wondered whether Andy Eddy was still editor of this September 1993 issue, and whether he addressed his departure with readers. The answers to both questions are no, and it seems strange that a long-time editor would leave a publication without any explanation (or maybe that’s normal?). Interestingly, Andy Eddy did write the Arcade Watch column on page 70. Maybe he wrote it before leaving the magazine.

In terms of content, the thing that stood out to me is the SNES Street Fighter II Turbo review. This game pretty much received rave reviews from all the magazines, and it stands out to me because this is before people became fatigued with Capcom’s tendency to release multiple iterations of Street Fighter. While it was cool to have Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting on the SNES, at the time I remember thinking how the graphics and sound were identical to the first game and wondering why most of the magazines didn’t call this out (Chris Bieniek does mention this in his review on page 44). Another thing that was never called out is how the background music suddenly stops at the end of a round, which I thought was strange. Maybe I’m getting more cynical in my old age, but sometimes you just have to wonder whether there’s such a thing as a truly unbiased review (imagine a reviewer offending Capcom with a less-than-stellar review, Capcom retaliates, and next month your magazine misses the scoop to your competitors… a tough place to be in to be sure).

This first issue of Video Games retains a lot of character from VG&CE and is still enjoyable to read. Enjoy!

Video Games, September 1993 (PDF, 165 MB)

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