Video Games & Computer Entertainment, November 1992 Issue

Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine - November 1992

Here’s the November 1992 issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment. I once again skipped a month, but unlike August I actually do have the October issue. It’s the only VG&CE I ever received in an envelope, with a cover featuring a single Sonic the Hedgehog 2 hologram on a black background: a collector’s edition. Since the hologram probably won’t scan, I don’t know if I want to take apart this magazine to scan it. As I’ve been going through and destroying each of my magazines one by one, it’s occurred to me that I should keep just one as a memento. As nice as it is to browse these mags on my tablet, there’s still something to be said for having the actual article. We’ll see how it goes…

This issue has a number of goodies. There’s an introduction to Spectrum Holobyte and the new Star Trek game they’re making (I believe this eventually became “A Final Unity”, released a couple of years later). There’s talk of the cancellation of the SNES CD-ROM, which of course we now know led to the birth of the Sony PlayStation. There are also a number of highly rated games on both PC and console, some of which I’ve never played and will be looking into in the coming days. Lastly, I noticed an interesting observation in one of the answers to a letter: “Besides, most people would say you’re defeating the purpose by using a portable game system in your living room.” Nearly 25 years later, we have the Nintendo Switch, and don’t forget the TV cables that were available for the Sony PSP.


Video Games & Computer Entertainment, November 1992 (PDF, 191 MB)

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