Video Games & Computer Entertainment, November 1991 Issue

Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine - November 1991

November 1991 issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment; another slightly messed up cover that I had to tape before scanning (would probably tear up otherwise in the sheet-fed scanner), which kind of changes history a little bit, since the cover was not taped for 25 years. 😉

One highlight I noticed while scanning was the review for ActRaiser for the SNES, which received a 10 out of 10. Believe it or not, it’s one of the games I never played, but you can be sure I’ll be downloading the ROM in the coming days.

Another highlight is the opening letter from Andy Eddy, the editor. In this post I had mentioned that VG&CE had a more mature tone than other magazines of the time, and the opening letter exemplifies that with its closing thought:

“If you spend your time looking over your shoulder at what others have, you won’t enjoy what you have.”

This is sage advice for any time period, and something that particularly resonates with me. There have been times when I’ve spent far too much time focusing on others, when I should have been focusing on myself. Who knew that the answer was on my bookshelf all along, waiting patiently all these years for me to finally and truly grasp it?

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post.

Video Games & Computer Entertainment, November 1991 (PDF, 193 MB)

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