Video Games & Computer Entertainment, May 1992 Issue

Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine - May 1992

Here’s the May 1992 issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment. Highlights include a story on the SNES CD-ROM (which never came to fruition, and led to the Sony PlayStation) and an article on video game books (sadly, one of which I owned and only recently disposed of). An ad for the Rocketeer that has been the centerfold for many months is now relegated to pages 14 and 15, with an Electronic Arts baseball ad in its place. This is also the first issue that I’ve noticed in which an ATI ad appears (page 99). Interestingly, it’s not for a graphics card, but rather a sound card! Who would’ve thought?

The night is young, and there just might be a third magazine scan forthcoming. Game on.

Video Games & Computer Entertainment, May 1992 (PDF, 177 MB)

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