Video Games & Computer Entertainment, June 1993 Cover

Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine - June 1993 Cover

After all that crazy scanning, I finally catch a break with the June 1993 issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment. As you can see from the preceding link, this issue already exists as a scanned PDF on the internet. The only difference is the cover, which came in 4 different versions. The one that’s already up is cover 2 of 4, Vega, from Street Fighter II, while the one I’m posting here is cover 3 of 4, Sagat. Based on the sequence, I would assume that cover 1 is Balrog, and cover 4 is M. Bison.

So, this is it, the last VG&CE to scan, and it turns out that I only needed to scan the cover (a really messed one, too, had to use a flatbed). Although previously I mentioned that I might not scan Video Games, the successor to VG&CE, I’m leaning towards doing it now just for historical purposes (I’ve come this far after all). There are still a few catalogs and other materials to scan as well, so perhaps I’ll do those first to help break up the monotony.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post, and thank you for visiting.

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