Video Games & Computer Entertainment, February 1993 Issue

Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine - February 1993

After a short break, tonight we once again have an issue of Video Games & Computer Entertainment, this time from February 1993.

This scan didn’t seem particularly bad but it might have been because I took a one day break (there were a large number of re-scan PDFs on my desktop, to be fair). After 7 years the scanner is definitely getting old, with the two sensors putting out different colors and even different page dimensions. Heat seems to affect the sensors differently as well. Most of the time I try to use the rear sensor to re-scan since it has better colors, but lately it’s been having a vertical line on the far right side of the page no matter how many times I wipe the sensor or the page. It’s interesting how after a while doing any job, you learn the peculiarities of and how to be better at it.

With all the artifacts, there was a lot of reviewing. First highlight that comes to mind is the best games of 1992 roundup. Lots of goodies to re-discover (and discover) there. The early article on the 3DO is fascinating considering how exciting and promising it seemed at the time. Super Mario Kart makes a second appearance in the Easter Egg Hunt with some codes that I must have used back then but no longer have any recollection of. Lastly, there are reviews for quite a few games that I’m familiar with: Willy Beamish, Amazon, Aerobiz, and the Incredible Machine. Oh, and don’t forget Dune II!

Video Games & Computer Entertainment, February 1993 (PDF, 185 MB)

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