Video Games & Computer Entertainment, December 1991 Issue

Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine - December 1991

Here’s the biggest VG&CE yet that I’ve scanned, the December 1991 issue coming in at 176 pages (not including the subscription cards). Our duplex scanner, which is getting old, has problems with heat and dust, resulting in vertical colored lines appearing on certain pages. I have to painstakingly go through each page, look for the vertical lines, and then re-scan with the reverse sensor. In the end, when I get to browse my old magazines on my tablet without any visual artifacts, it’s all worth it.

This is also the second magazine I’ve scanned that features Joe Montana on the cover. Being raised in San Francisco and all, he’s a legend and well-respected, but you have to admit, the covers are kind of cheesy. Luckily, I think that’s it for Joe Montana covers.

That’s it for tonight. The scanning grind continues tomorrow. Good night.

Video Games & Computer Entertainment, December 1991 (PDF, 239 MB)

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