This is Your Last Issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly

This last insert from the December 1993 issue of EGM, for tonight (believe it or not, there might actually be one more), is the reminder card telling you that your subscription has run out.

I don’t remember why I stopped subscribing to EGM. Maybe it was because I was already subscribing to Video Games (which, without notice, had transformed from Video Games & Computer Entertainment in 1993), which was very similar to EGM. Maybe I was busy with school, getting ready to take my SATs. Or maybe I was finally growing up and starting to become interested in other things ( 😉 ). Either way, it wouldn’t be until the early 2000s that I’d subscribe to EGM again, and even then it was only because I got one of those bundle offers where you could get 3 magazines for $5 or something.

EGM Subscription Reminder, Last Issue - December 1993

EGM Subscription Reminder, Last Issue - December 1993

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