The 1991 Video Game Buyer’s Guide (EGM)

The 1991 Video Game Buyer's Guide

Unlike the previously-posted magazine, this 1991 Video Game Buyer’s Guide from EGM is well-worn and tattered; I must have read it from cover to cover multiple times. What a difference a few years makes. At this point in time (approximately December of 1990, based on the “display until” date and the “best of 1990” segment) I was still a little kid in middle school, and video games were probably my number one priority.

Looking at it now, I’d still say that this is a really nice issue. There’s a roundup of all the systems of the time, including a surprisingly scathing review of the Nintendo Game Boy, the originator of portable gaming as we know it today and probably the best-selling console of all time. What really surprises me is that in my memory, the Game Boy was a popular console when I was a kid, and I don’t remember anyone speaking ill of it – on the contrary, it seemed like everybody wanted one. So, that is quite an interesting historical tidbit. Game-wise, there are some well-reviewed Nintendo and TurboGrafx games like Castlevania 3 and Ninja Spirit, and a number of positively-reviewed Genesis shooters. I’ll be checking those out in the coming days.

As you can see from the timestamp of the previous post, this one took a while to scan, with certain pages needing to be re-scanned multiple times. I didn’t see it in the EGM section of Retro CDN (the preview and buyer’s guides are at the bottom), so it was necessary. The quality of this issue makes it worthwhile, and I’m glad it’s finally done.

Exhausted now, so that’s all for tonight. As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed these museum posts.

The 1991 Video Game Buyer’s Guide from EGM (PDF, 124 MB)

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