Sega Sports Advertising Supplement, December 1994

Sega Sports Advertising Supplement, December 1994

Here’s an advertising supplement from the December 1994 issue of Video Games (formerly Video Games & Computer Entertainment). The PDF offered in the preceding link doesn’t include the supplement, which was located in the centerfold of the magazine.

As I’m almost finished scanning the last few issues of VG&CE, I’ve started looking at its subsequent incarnation to see which issues are already available on the internet and which ones I should scan. The thing is, even 20+ years later Video Games feels like a cheap and blatant imitation of EGM, and I don’t know if I want to spend the time to scan the issues that aren’t already online.

The last issue (August 1993) of VG&CE available online is the first issue with wacky colored patterns all over. Editor Andy Eddy tried to spin this in a positive light, that the change made the pages “seem more alive”, but I can’t help but wonder if someone behind the scenes was pushing buttons to slowly transform VG&CE into something it wasn’t. In previous issues on multiple occasions Mr. Eddy wrote about prioritizing substance over style and innuendo. Readers wrote in praising the more mature format of the magazine compared with its competitors. And yet, a few months later, in the first issue (November 1993) of Video Games currently available online, Andy Eddy is no longer the editor, and the style of the magazine has changed dramatically.

I still have a few VG&CEs to scan, so I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

(Update: According to Wikipedia, August 1993 was actually the last issue of VG&CE! I’m curious to know if Andy Eddy was editor of the September 1993 Video Games issue, and what he had to say about it.)

Sega Sports Advertising Supplement, December 1994 (PDF, 11 MB)

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