Sega Force (July 1993)

Sega Force (July 1993)

The scanning of my EGM supplements continues with this issue of Sega Force from July 1993.

Looking at my own collection as well as the site where I usually find scanned magazines, quite a few Sega Force supplements were published. They didn’t have this particular issue (they did have the other issue that I had, the November 1993 Joe Montana one), so here it is. It’s actually a pretty nice roundup of everything Sega from that time period, and surprisingly the physical issue I had was in pristine shape, appearing as if I never read it. Well, it’s sliced up now and waiting for the recycle bin after almost 24 years. RIP magazine that I probably looked at once and never looked at again.

Barring any scanner artifact issues, there should be more museum posts tonight. Stay tuned.

Sega Force, July 1993 (PDF, 74.1 MB)

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