EGM’s Video Game Accessory Guide (1992)

EGM's Video Game Accessory Guide (1992)

It’s nice to see what peripherals and accessories are available for whatever system(s) you have, and this EGM Video Game Accessory Guide is a pretty thorough reference for 1992 (based on the copyright years on some ads; this supplement was stored loosely from its parent magazine). My only beef is that it reads more like a marketing brochure than an actual guide. For example, I simply do not see how the Super Advantage joystick for the SNES can be claimed to be good for Street Fighter II when it has such a strange layout, yet this guide claims that the buttons are “strategically placed” and even gives the joystick first runner-up for best SF2 joystick. Yeah, right!

That’s all for tonight, hope you’ve enjoyed today’s EGM supplements.

EGM’s Video Game Accessory Guide, 1992 (PDF, 42.1 MB)

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