EGM 1993 Video Game Preview Guide

EGM 1993 Video Game Preview Guide

Continuing on from the last post, here is the 1993 Video Game Preview Guide from EGM. Interestingly, the summer CES occurred only 5 months after the January one, but this one is the “1993” preview (and correspondingly, likely came with the August 1992 issue of EGM). Most likely, development lead times for games shown at CES were longer than six months.

Speaking of which, at this early juncture, Tails from Sonic 2 was referred to as “Twotails” (not a typo, since it was written twice), the game Ecco the Dolphin was known simply as “Dolphin”, and Vegas Stakes for the SNES was called “Super Vegas Dream”. Noteworthy games with finalized names included Mario Paint, Super Mario Kart, and Streets of Rage II. Definitely an exciting year!

Today was a long day, so this is the final museum post for tonight. Enjoy this pair of preview guides!

EGM 1993 Video Games Preview Guide (PDF, 43.8 MB)

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