Egghead Software October 1993 Catalog

Egghead Software October 1993 Catalog

The second museum post for tonight is this Egghead Software catalog from October of 1993. The reason for the quick turnaround is that there was some server maintenance today, so I scanned this in the afternoon for posting tonight. Usually I scan, review, and post in succession.

This is a really cool catalog showing both the software and hardware that was available at the time. CD-ROM drives were becoming popular, and they were usually bundled with an interface card or sound card. There was one in the catalog listed for almost a thousand dollars! Today, we can get DVD writers for twenty (if we even need one at all).

I miss those geeky days of computing before PCs were commoditized. Yes, prices were expensive, but that also meant that parts and software could support a real store that you could walk into. I’m trying to think of a store today where you can go in and check out expansion cards, CD-ROM drives, and other PC hardware and software. There are probably still some mom and pop stores, but on the most part stores like Egghead Software no longer exist. Maybe this is how some people felt when the general store was replaced by the supermarket. Progress and economics cause some things to change forever, never going back to the way they were.

That’s all for tonight. The scanner is starting to become really unreliable, with vertical lines on some pages no matter how many times I re-scan or clean the sensor. Some pages of this catalog have the vertical lines if you look carefully or zoom in, and it’s because I finally gave up after spending way too much time on this relatively short catalog. In the coming days I may just have to give up entirely and accept the vertical lines lest I spend all my time scanning and re-scanning. We’ll see how it goes.

Egghead Software October 1993 Catalog (PDF, 67.9 MB)

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