DOS Resource Guide, Number 6 (November 1992)

DOS Resource Guide, Number 6 (November 1992)

Here’s the final magazine scan of the night, the November 1992 issue of DOS Resource Guide. Although I’d like to go on scanning, with each extra glass of Zinfandel I am less able to focus on the artifacts appearing on each page, which is also why I chose DOS Resource Guide for tonight’s last scan: the magazine is mostly uniform in color, resulting in less artifacts, if any. Hopefully, I caught all of them in my current inebriated state.

Although I didn’t have issues 1 through 3, 4 and 5 didn’t have dates so I can reasonably surmise that this is the first issue of DOS Resource Guide that features a date. It’s also the first issue I’ve scanned that contains bound subscription cards – 6 issues for $23.70. Kind of pricey, which probably explains why, despite how much I enjoyed this magazine, I never subscribed to it (I was just a 13 year-old with no income, after all).

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s museum posts.

DOS Resource Guide Number 6, November 1992 (PDF, 99.4 MB)

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