Captron G&G Excellent Holiday Catalog (1993)

Captron G&G Excellent Holiday Catalog (1993)

Here’s a game catalog from Captron G&G, a chain of video game stores from the 1990s. Google doesn’t show much information about these stores, but based on the size of the franchise, I would guess that, like many other gaming stores from back then, it was eventually absorbed into GameStop.

This catalog was inside the plastic bag that the December 1993 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly came in, so that is its most likely origin. There is a slight chance that I grabbed it myself from the store, but there’s no way to know.

Something interesting about this catalog is that no prices are listed, which is pretty savvy (or shady) if you think about it. Perhaps a marketing tactic to catch unsuspecting parents (or grandparents) casually agreeing at home to buy a certain gift, only to be unable to renege after seeing the actual price in the store?

Happy Holidays!

Captron G&G Excellent Holiday Catalog, 1993 (PDF, 50.3 MB)

4 thoughts on “Captron G&G Excellent Holiday Catalog (1993)”

  1. I remember the Captron kiosks at my mall too, Southridge Mall. I remember they let you play for free for a few minutes, sometimes longer, then everything would reset. It was pretty awesome, I miss the arcades too.

    1. T-Man, thank you for sharing these memories. I definitely miss arcades, especially on a Friday or Saturday night, when time seemed to stand still as I went from machine to machine, trying to decide which one to put my precious quarters into.

  2. I was just thinking about this game store there was one at my mall it was a huge kiosk that had several game stations that had the latest games which you could play.They also had a pretty big selection of games and I do remember that the games were at least 5dollars cheaper then Babagges which was down the way there at the mall.This is the only thing I’ve found online which proves that this game store was real.

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