Captron G&G Excellent Holiday Catalog (1993)

Captron G&G Excellent Holiday Catalog (1993)

Here’s a game catalog from Captron G&G, a chain of video game stores from the 1990s. Google doesn’t show much information about these stores, but based on the size of the franchise, I would guess that, like many other gaming stores from back then, it was eventually absorbed into GameStop.

This catalog was inside the plastic bag that the December 1993 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly came in, so that is its most likely origin. There is a slight chance that I grabbed it myself from the store, but there’s no way to know.

Something interesting about this catalog is that no prices are listed, which is pretty savvy (or shady) if you think about it. Perhaps a marketing tactic to catch unsuspecting parents (or grandparents) casually agreeing at home to buy a certain gift, only to be unable to renege after seeing the actual price in the store?

Happy Holidays!

Captron G&G Excellent Holiday Catalog, 1993 (PDF, 50.3 MB)

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