Video Games, June 1994 Issue

Video Games Magazine - June 1994

Another magazine with missing pages, this time pages 47 to 50. These pages appear to be from the middle sheet of the magazine, which either fell out or was torn out. Unlike last time, I didn’t see any bits of pages, and the staples looked normal.

As you can see from the ripped address label on the cover, these magazines were mailed with no protection, subject to whatever punishment would occur during transport. A lot of times, I would come home to find a magazine literally stuffed into the mailbox along with all our other mail.

Of course, a couple of other possibilities could be that I lost these pages myself, or that the magazines were sent defective from the press. Either way, there is enough nostalgic value for me to scan and post it here. As always, hope you enjoy this museum post.

Video Games, June 1994 (PDF, 145 MB)

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