Sega Helpful Hints Sheet – Herzog Zwei

Tonight’s museum post features the helpful hints sheet for Herzog Zwei, a game for the Sega Genesis.

Before the internet, before 900 numbers, and before guide books, the way to get help for Sega games was via their helpline, 1-800-USA-SEGA. I called that number so much that I still remember the tune of the telephone touch-tones. Apparently, the phone reps that helped with the games used these helpful hints sheets as a resource. Once I found out that you could actually ask to have a copy mailed to you, I called all the time: “Hi, can I get the helpful hints sheet for Herzog Zwei?” I wonder if the phone reps eventually recognized the little kid who called all the time.

For many years, I kept this helpful hints sheet in a floppy black binder (as opposed to a rigid, cardboard binder). As part of my continuing mid-life-crisis cleanup, I finally scanned the contents of the binder and then disposed of it. At the last second, I decided to keep these helpful hints sheets, because they’re a relic from Sega; and because I didn’t want to just chuck them in the recycle bin. I have a fantasy that if I do end up getting rid of them, I’ll give them to another Sega fan who will treasure them as much as I did. At the end of the day, though, they’re just photocopies, so maybe they’re not really worth much to anyone.

As always, hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

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