Nokia 5100 Xpress-On Covers, 1999

Here’s a change of pace from all the recent video-game-related museum posts: an insert for Nokia 5100 Xpress-On covers.

Hard to believe that it’s been 17 years since we got our first cell phones (and we were somewhat late to the party). The receipt found with this insert shows March 4, 2000. I remember walking around and having a conversation using the headset, and people looking at me like I was crazy. Nowadays, it’s normal to see people seemingly talking to thin air. One time, I forgot to silence the ringer, and Jingle Bells played in the middle of a lecture. Luckily, cell phones were still a novelty at that time, and people (including the professor) just laughed.

I wonder what kind of cell phones we’ll be using in 2034? As always, hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post. 🙂

Advertisement: Nokia 5100 Xpress-On Covers

Advertisement: Nokia 5100 Xpress-On Covers

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