GamePro Starfox Flight Manual, August 1993

GamePro Starfox Flight Manual, August 1993

For this daytime museum post we have a GamePro strategy guide for Starfox, included with the August 1993 issue (Street Fighter II Turbo cover). If I remember correctly, this issue came inside a plastic bag, along with the Starfox guide. There might have been a bunch of artwork or graphics on the plastic bag as well, but sadly I can’t find a photo of it. With all the sorting, decision-making, and trashing these past few months, it was probably one of those times when I was too exhausted to take a photo and just trashed it. 🙁 It’s sad but I can’t hold on to every little piece of the past, no matter how much I might feel like I want to.

Even so, this strategy guide is a nice big piece, and now it is up on the internet. A cursory google search suggests that this might be the first PDF’d guide. If so, I’m glad to be able to contribute to video-game-magazine history. Enjoy!

GamePro Starfox Flight Manual, August 1993 (PDF, 19.5 MB)

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